Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We all are aware of the side effects, smoking has on our health. Even the manufacturer states that. I wonder how smokers continue to smoke even after watching those cigarette adds where they clearly show the side effects. Strict non-smokers like me gets scared by those adds and warnings.

However, it is easier to be on the other side and say such things. I have seen what my office friends go through when they do not get to smoke. Is it only addiction? I doubt. My take is it must be some kind of psychological disease that they have.
Yesterday, I met my friend after a gap of around 5 years. He must be around 35 years of age. However, from his health and face, it seems he is due for his senior citizen card in a year or two. The reasons are off-course well known. Eating food with lots of fats and sugar, no exercise at all and off-course the white stick (10/stick is the price, OMG). Now, I tried to reason him with how much he could save by not having cigarette (200 per day minimum), investing that money and he could probably retire early. To this he replied that with his current lifestyle (foreign word) and health, he would not be able to see his 50th year. Awesome. Our mind knows what we consume and where we are headed. When I drink half glass of whiskey, I know I am increasing my waist size. Since, I drink once or twice in a year, it is not my worry.
We all have some kind of addiction. 

Some may have about smoke, some may have that about liquor, some about pan masala, some about watching TV, etc.. I am myself guilty of getting addicted to surfing online and reading blogs and books. While I may argue that these things are good, my family obviously has complains. Many times I am so engrossed in surfing that I forget what my mother or wife told me some time back. Many times my MTNL bill screams on me for the bandwidth consumed and the data downloaded.

The key is not to go overboard and not let the things consume yourself. Try to get rid of such activities slowly. It may help or at-least the things would not turn worst (if not already).
Happy weekend.

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