Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Advantages of shopping with women

After reading my earlier posts on shopping with women, I got few threatening emails and 1 letter asking me write at least 5 disadvantages of shopping with men or else face mahila mukti morcha. I could not think anything on those lines, so came up with advantages of shopping with women.

Women can go to next article. Men please continue reading.
Here are few advantages of going on shopping spree with women:
  1. You get to know who is the boss. It keeps your ego in check. In office, you may have 50 sub-ordinates but tell your wife that she already has 30 kurtas and she does not need 31st one (btw, 18 of those 30 still have price tags on them) and you get to know who is the boss.
  2. You loose thousands of calories in an evening. You move around so many shops looking for that peach colour dupatta, or chutney colour sandals or green apple colour belt or ... enough of examples. These are the exercises that your wife knowingly, intentionally with good will does for you.
  3. You get to see new trend among women ( and new women too)
  4. You make new friends. When 2 husbands (or 2 men) stand outside changing rooms holding ladies purse/wallet, they ought to talk to each other and share few thoughts.
  5. You get to learn that spending / shopping is sort of therapy in which your cupboard becomes bulky and wallet becomes weak.
I could think of few more but 5 was what I was supposed to write :-)

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