Wednesday, January 22, 2014


There is an old saying: First the man takes the drink, then the drink takes the drink and finally, the drink takes the man....

For some, drinking problem equals to drinking in desu daru bar and hitting your wife. While this strongly qualify for alcohol problems, this is certainly not the only one.
As they say, charity begins at home; alcohol abuse too begins at home. Children whose parents have drinking habit, tend to start drinking at much younger age. Tender age, hot blood and excess booze is a lethal combination.
Youngsters with low paying jobs sit at bar with friends to forget the things and consume alcohol. Alcohol comes with a price. So many times we hear cases of women working as labourers being hit and robbed by their own husbands for alcohol. Elderly mother dips into her retirement corpus to quench her son's thirst of alcohol. Younger brother with average job and living in a joint family have to bear the cost of alcoholic habits of elder brother and dad.
I know a friend who is not ready to start a SIP of 500 due to tight financial condition and sits in bar for some drinks ( I hope he reads this and make amends).
Well to do families too face alcohol abuses. Husband ignores child's education and retirement to fund his alcohol investment.
These are just social and financial implications. We have health implications too. Many of us know that alcohol increases the fats in our body. Still we consume  it. We all know inebriated state of mind will make us to do things which we would not have done in conscious mind.
Many episodes of crime patrol have been originated from alcohol and alcohol abuses. Son killing alcoholic father, wife killing alcoholic husband, guy killing grandmother for want of money for alcohol....
Think. Act.

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