Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bhajani mandals in our local trains

Most of us have seen bhajani mandals singing devotional songs in local trains. 

Till few months back, I was impressed by their dedication towards God. No matter how much rush is there in train, they always make a point to chant God's name. They also carry their own tabla and dholki.

However, I witnessed one incident which changed my perception towards them. They generally block 2-4 rows of seats for themselves and their friends. These friends would get into the train on next station or so. They do not give seats to other people and keep their belongings on the seat to block it. One visibly old man went to them and politely asked them to remove their belongings from the seat (reserverd for their friend). They not only shoved him away, they also insulted him. Even after the man had left, they kept on giving bad words to him.

After 5 minutes of so, they again got into chanting of prayers. I wonder what punya they would get by insulting an old man and then chanting of prayers.

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  1. How u captured a snap shot ??

    About incident is the person who travel in train , second class old agged , young etc cant be pure. There is saying in " Muah mein ram bagal mein chura "

    I mean its good to listen their bhajans, if you are not in group and you are stading away from them but they are becames voilent if you tries to distrub them. Also i know few people who prey much more towards god in day but regularly they use to eat meat. By which their anger or what we call TAAMAS VRUTTI increased.