Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Last month, I gave ISTQB certification exam. For the non-IT people, ISTQB is an international exam conducted for testing professionals. Ideally, this exam is given by people with 1-2 years of experience in testing domain.

However, while studying for this exam, I thought that fresher batches who join testing stream should immediately give this exam. The reason is, this exam is theory oriented and not what is followed practically.

The syllabus teaches us what should be the ideal testing practices. When people with experience of about say 4-5 years try to give this exam, they find the things written in the book opposite to what they have followed all over the years. This confuses them. The exam is multiple choice question and the answers are so close to each other that even after studying for about a month, I could not guess which was more correct. This is the exact reason, why I thought freshers would be at advantage as their slate is almost clear i.e. they have no prejudices. So when they learn the ideal things from the book, it helps them clearly state which answer is correct and why. 

This exam could be a part of their ILP (Initial Learning Program). This would enable them to have clear picture of what should be done ideally and they can even try and implement few of those things.

Development stream too would have some theory oriented certification which could be in their ILP.

Having said that, my friend who has around 5 years of experience got 80% marks.

With the tone of the post, it would be clear to many readers that I would have got passing marks in the exam. 

Thank God, we mention just the certification name on our CV and not percentage :-)

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