Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Couple Story -- Part 1/3

Place: High Court:

A 73 year old man and 62 year old women (hereafter referred as couple) charged with murder of their 25 year old daughter-in-law. The public prosecutor presents the case as open and shut case. He has total 3 witness. Doctor who conducted autopsy on the victim, watchman of the housing society in which the couple lived and the third one was…. Their own son – husband of the victim.

The hearing begins.

Doctor’s statement is : Victim was first tortured by beating her with wooden stick. Particles of wooden stick are found on victim’s body. Then she was killed using her own dupatta. Then her body was chopped and finally burned in a nearby jungle. The gunny bag in which body was carried, wooden stick, kerosene container has fingerprints of the couple

Watchman: On the fateful night at 1 am, watchman saw the couple take gunny bag, put it in car and drove off. They returned after 3-4 hours. The couple had blood stains on their clothes. They were looking scared and behaved suspiciously.

Their son: My wife had called in the day time and had told that the couple had beat her and also bought kerosene. However, I could not suspect any link between 2 activities and told her that we would talk when I reach home. When I came home, couple told that she had gone to visit her friend’s place for party.

Public prosecutor stated that apart from the witness statement, circumstantial evidence also points that the gruesome crime is committed by the couple.

The case was deferred for 2 days.

Within 2 days, the case spread like wild fire. The media was all over it. People took to streets, candle light marches were organized. Some media house even announced what should be the quantum of punishment awarded.

Once the case was resumed, the judgment was faster than anticipated. The defense lawyer tried to counter the circumstantial evidence saying no CCTV had captured the image of the couple carrying gunny bag and leaving by car. The couple’s car was not having any marks of mud or loose soil from the jungle. The public prosecutor argued that since the couple stayed in the society for more than a decade, they knew how to dodge the cameras and might have washed the car or wheels. The object was over-ruled.

The defense lawyer also requested to conduct second round of autopsy. The police surprised everyone by saying that the body was already handed over to the family and they had conducted the last rituals. However, since the doctor was on court’s panel and serving in Government hospital, his statement was considered final.

Judge deferred the case for 2 more days.


  1. nice one ,,,,,,waiting for part 2...

  2. Interesting !

    1. Thank you Sir... Please check part 2 and 3 as well :)