Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting married .... almost happily

How much does an average middle class spend on marriage is a poll worth taking.

However, if I take average of all my friends (including mine), we spend about 8-10 lakhs in all. Generally, in Maharashtra, we divide expenses. So an average family spends about 4 lakhs (girls family may spend some extra).

Out of all the expenses, mostly all are unwanted, not needed and out of fear. I will give my own example.
I had 3 sweets in my marriage. Does it makes sense? Absolutely NO. 1 sweet would have been enough. 2 different welcome drinks could have been 1 welcome drink. Orchids dead on stage could have been replaced with regular flowers or with roses. 3 different pickles were waste. I had 4 options of chapatti, roti, nan and rumali roti. OMG what a waste. 1 kolhapuri, 2 paneer sabjees and 1 sweet sabjee added my expenses.

Every time I protested, I got either of below gun shots in my ear.

  • Are baba, its necessary.
  • We have only 1 child.
  • It is your parents wish.
  • We are entitled for spending this much on our son's wedding.
  • Everybody does it.
  • It is our culture.
  • I will pay, you don't pay a single paisa.
  • What will our relatives say.
  • What will society say.
While sentiments are important, parents must not forget that they have their own retirement waiting for them. Please analyze your own financial situation and then spend on your son/daughter wedding. Listen to your children, what they want to have and then decide how much to spend.

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