Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting married... Response received

In response to my previous post of Getting married.... I received lot of feedback on mails.
Few people were with similar thoughts on marriage expenses like my post. Many of the readers mailed me to tell me how I was wrong in that article.
Below are the love letters:

  • As the name of your blog suggests, you are really not special. While I must admire your wife who still stays with you, I am of opinion that you are complete jerk. Can't you understand your parent's emotion when they say "you are my only child"?
  • Dint you know that pickles are always complementary and not paid? You should have asked your caterer before writing this stupid post.
  • Why you think its wrong when your parents say that they are entitled for X amount of money to be spent on your marriage?
  • Different types of sweets are necessary as many people have different taste and not everybody likes the same sweets.
  • Orchids really looks good in decoration. You have no taste in this matter.
I got few more, however, the above 5 are the winners. I wish they had posted the comments on the blog itself. Instead of replying them on email, I thought of doing another post on it.

I really appreciate reading my blog and giving me feedback. However, I want to tell you guys (the winners and the consolation prize winners as well) that you missed the point completely.

The point was never apple juice or kalingad juice. Paneer kofta or paneer makhanwala. The point was parents must first cater to their own retirement and then spend on their child's marriage.

I have no problem if a person with 6 crores in retirment fund spends 10 lakhs on marriage of his/her child. I also do not (read do not again) have problem if a person with 10k salary and 5-8 lakhs in FDs, taking 2 lakhs personal loan for child's marriage.

It is your life. You decide.

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