Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am the Culprit

Last week I had to shift few of my cupboards from my relative’s place to my place. My tempo was stopped for checking at Thane octroi check post for inspection.

The guy who stopped me told me to talk with sahib. His sahib asked me if the cupboards were new and I was taking the cupboards to showroom. When I showed him the dust/rust and broken parts of cupboard he was reluctantly convinced that they were old items. Sahib told me to meet some other guy in their office and do the documentation.

The driver of my tempo told me that the other officers (wow) would demand more money from me. He settled the matter with sahib for Rs.100.

I do not curse sahib. Reason is simple, I am the culprit. I should have visited the office and completed the documentation. This process could have taken my 1-2 hours. It could have also increased my settlement amount from 100 to 400/500 as I did not have the bills of the old cupboards.

I know I have let people down who take on the corrupt people head on.

I guess there would be many common people like me who pay the settlement amount and move on. Some indeed brave men may take on these people. I have common feeling towards the former set and would salute the later for their courage.

Can anybody enlighten what other options should I have tried?

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