Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The below issue may not be as cruel as the Delhi case, may not be as inhuman as the women shelter home case, may not be as hair raising as the injustice done on the girl in Kurla (many incidents, less adjectives available)... however it is certainly worth noting (common man like me just notes the things, cannot act on it).

Yesterday, while traveling by local train in Mumbai, I happened to witness this thing.

Our trains have 1 coach (actually, half a coach) reserved for physically handicapped (PH) people and cancer patients. The word 'reserve' implies that only PH and cancer patients are allowed to travel from these compartments. However, the meaning does not hold true in India (yes India and not just Mumbai).

At Dadar station, many not so visibly handicapped people (their chit chat ensured that they were neither deaf nor dumb) got into the PH compartment as it was not crowded. They not only cramped the already small compartment but also occupied all the seats meant for the less fortunate. The handicapped people were standing while others who jumped into the train were fast asleep. I am sure, the same people would be complaining about bad roads, load shedding, corruption, etc..

I do not know if others have noticed this. I fear that, if other people who were traveling from the non-reserved compartment starts traveling from the reserved compartment then, the PH people would not dare to travel. And i also do not know if Railway authorities are concerned about this.

After all such incidents happening around, I really wonder if we still have the privilege to call ourselves as humans.
I hope at-least 1 person traveling illegally from the PH compartment reads this post and stops it immediately. It is time for introspection.

Note: This post was first emailed to DNA newspaper. However, for some reason, they chose not to publish it in DNA or I did not buy next day's newspaper :-)

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