Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jai Guruji (Part of 1 of 2)

Legendry Marathi author P.L.Deshpande had noted that in our country Boovashakti is stronger than Yuvashakti.

Yuvashakti is the strength of our youth while Boovashakti is the power of all the Babas and self styled God-man. I neither hate these babas nor I love them. I simply don’t care about them and offcourse neither they pay heed to small community of people like me who don’t believe in them.
However, my close friend is follower of one such baba. He forcibly took me to that baba to get enlighten. Actually, he bombarded me with his praises and out of sheer irritation I accompanied him to the ashram.
His ashram was located on the outskirts of Mumbai. I was amazed by the area occupied by his ashram. We went to his ashram by my friend’s car. Since, I was obliging by coming with him, he was supposed to bear the cost of travelling. This was the deal. On reaching there, I saw a queue of about 300+ people waiting to purchase ticket to enter the ashram. As per the crowd, this money spent was worth it as they would be getting enlighten after meeting the Guruji. I would have preferred visiting national park instead.
As per the deal, my friend paid for the ticket too. The ticket was 500 per head. Too much. National park would have been much cheaper and more entertaining too.
However, the crowd management of Guruji was top class. Crowd of 300+ was inside his ashram in 15 minutes flat and without stampede. We too went inside the ashram. Sat there for about 5 minutes and suddenly the lights went out. I thought of load shedding but my friend proudly told me that Guruji had inverter back up and these lights went out as Guruji was coming shortly. I understood that he had spent 500 many times. Bingo, Guruji was there on stage like some magic. My friend again increased my knowledge by informing that Guruji is very punctual and always made sure he is on stage within 5 minutes. I was wondering if Guruji did any other thing than counting his fortune and estate to not to be punctual on dais. Out of fear of getting lynched, I did not speak my mind in open.
Then he gave his lecture and made people understand that why other babas were dhongi and why people should not follow them. This was like an investment advisor telling his clients that endowment plans are bad; you should buy ULIP and that too from him only.
After his long lecture, all his disciples sang a song (lyrics written by Guruji himself). That song praised him almost next to God. Guruji claimed himself an avatar of all the religions. Cleverly, by saying all religions he wanted to attract people from all religions and get their 500 bucks.

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