Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Losing weight

While most of us aspire to lose weight and be healthy, this desire is always short-lived. No sooner we start the process we lose interest in it and abandon it altogether.

The reason is human psychology. We always set unreasonable expectation at the start. These are not achieved and we feel de-motivated and we abandon it. Example: Will a child have eagerness to learn SSC portion in 2nd standard?

The solution to this is set small achievable goals. Most of the time, the targets set are like: in one month, I will lose 2 kg of weight; in one month, I will reduce 2 inches of my waist; or in six months, I would be slim enough to fit into college clothes.

Instead of such targets, have some thing like below:
From today, I would eat 1 roti less, I would reduce consumption of rice at night, I would consume 1 cup of tea, etc.. These small targets are achievable and over the period of time, compounding would come into picture and your weight would be reduced.

This is like investing in equities, you have to be patient and dedicated.

Note: Aerated drinks, cheese filled pizzas, fried snacks, almost all the office canteen food are the most fat increasing products. Try to stay away from them.

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