Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year Resolution

During the year ending phase, I was thinking to write a post about New Year and resolutions. 

On little thinking and from my own experience I did not do that. The reason was simple: most of the resolutions do not see the light of 2nd January (2nd January is mostly spent in getting out of hangover :P )
So I decided to do a post on resolution in early weeks of January. So here it is.
I had a private poll (amongst my friends) on new year resolutions and here are the results:

  • I will exercise tops the chart
  • I will not smoke
  • I will do charity
  • I will be soft spoken from 1 January
  • I will manage my financial things better
  • I will spend more time on educative blogs and sites
  • Less amount of time to be spent on social networking sites
  • I will reach home on time
Believe me, none of the above resolutions worked for anyone. Some resolutions are just dragged from one year to another and to another (like our Kapurbawdi flyover).
I always wonder what rich or talented or proficient people make resolution and how do they follow it.
After reading Pattu's post: I understood that they do not do different things, they do the things differently (Shiv Khera line). They do not wait for January. 

They simple decide to inculcate good habits and follow it right away.

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