Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pattabiraman Murari

In our lifetime we meet all sorts of people. Some are mean, honest, rude, selfish, bold, shy, etc.. There is one breed of people who are fast disappearing. This set is called as selfless people. There are people who help us selflessly; no matter how we behave with them, do we know them, do we owe them...

One such person I met is Pattabiraman Murari. He is fondly called as Pattu. To get a glimpse of how he is, just visit his site: . He has hell lot of calculators over there. All are absolutely free to download. These calculators are life savers for many people. They help us make sound financial decision in personal finance. Over and above, he listens to all people who comment over there and replies them patiently. Many times he has customized / created new calculators just on the request of his readers. Amazing.

To talk about his honesty, he has explained his background in detail on his blog. He has also done a post on how he does his financial audit (

Then he does another task of guiding people like me who asks him anything and everything. Believe me, I have asked him to review my own little calculators and he obliged. My calculators would be amateur for him. It is like Nokia 3315 (second hand model with scratches on screen) versus Samsung Note II (with latest apps). Still he took pain of reviewing them. Then I also asked him few personal finance questions on email and he replied them too! Then I bugged him with queries on blogging. He obliged again.
Look at his modesty. He calls himself an idiot in his own post ( 

Subramoney does not reply to all the comments on his blog. But I have not seen a single time when Pattu commented and Subra did not replied. Ashal always has praises for Pattu. That speaks volume of his creditability and respect that he has earned.
Start interacting with him and you can get hooked. 

Sincere thanks Pattu.

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