Sunday, January 26, 2014

Plastic Bottle

I am into the habit of using used aerated drinks and bisleri bottles as water bottle for my office. Even if I do not drink aerated drinks, my family happily gulps down these colas (years of cajoling is waste). 

However, recently my friend pointed out to me that this practice is extremely dangerous for our health in long run. These plastic bottles are not made for long run. They are from US and with US culture of use and throw away.

Plastic used is generally of low quality as these companies assumes that people will gulp the liquid and throw the bottle rather crush it. However, Indians are tradditional savers.

I researched on it and found that the plastic components gets added in our colas or water that we store in it. This happens during the transportation of bottles. The molecular structure changes, when the sun rays interact with them.

If you google it little, you would find various articles linked with type of plastic used (names like polyenthylene would be thrown at us), the rating given (like 1, 2, 3...). Some say certain numbers are good for reuse, some chemical combination of plastic would not harm us, etc...

Whatever be said, everything that gets in media today is 80% paid views. So better avoid reuse of plastic bottles for drinking water. We have steel, earthen pots, aluminum bottles to store water. They may be little inconvenient but definitely good considering the harmful effects that plastic bottle has on human body.

I have stopped, now it is upto you.

Note: the action and contents of this post are inspired from my friend Pradeep Dalvi.

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