Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shopping Festival

After my earlier 2 posts on shopping, I got few emails asking me to do a post on shopping during festivals.

Most shopping sales are centered around festivals. Reason: The regulars shoppers anyway shop irrespective of sale. However, there are few people who want to buy few items but wait to get 'better' deals during the sale period. So now a person (no gender attached :-P) who wants to buy an extra trouser, wait for sale.

Lets see how it goes. This person has a budget of 1200 for 1 trouser. He goes to shop and finds most trousers are greater than 1200. So he thinks, " I would buy during sale/festival".
Come December/Jan and woo-whoo shopping festival. He goes to shopping with his wife (oops). Assuming they go to trouser section (after buying skirts, pull-ons, jhunkas). He sees the price as 1500 with 30% flat discount. Now that trouser costs 1050. He thinks that its cheaper and saves 150. Nothing wrong till here. However, the story does not end here. He gets so overwhelmed by saving 150 that he buys 2 more (thinking that saving is 150 * 3). So the total cost is 1050 * 3 = 3150.

Common sense is to either buy whenever you need or by only how much you need. So for saving 150, he had to spend 2000.

It is high time that we understand that shopkeepers attract customers by this single word 'sale'. It is their business to employ new tactics (this is however an old tactic) and generate revenue. It is up to us to think before buying.

Note: Please do NOT think that I am telling not to buy anything at all. Even if you think which is not related to the topic, please post the love letter on the blog itself. Else, be prepared to get another post which has your comments highlighted as winner :-)


  1. Ultimate, More over viren ................This Era is of marketing .... SALE is every where we are saling ourself while cracking interviews , Written exams etc profit offcourse goes to companies and after few years you realises that salary you are getting for your skill is less as compared to Other Ship memebers.

  2. Kaustubh, I agree with you in parts.... While I know this era is of marketing, we must try and use it to our benefit and not for the trader's benefit...... For second part, I must say that the only possible way to have sky as limit for earning is starting one's own business... By business, I mean business and not self employment....

  3. Hi Viren, Good post. Agree with you. Buy what you need and only when you need. I am also against the practice of using a credit card to get reward points. Unncessary complication. Also agree with your response to Kaustubh: We should sell effectively and buy as we would sell!