Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shopping with women (Part 1 of 2)

My wife does not read my blog, so I am safe and sound even after writing this post. 

Let me tell you this upfront, I hate going for shopping with women. Reasons could be many but each one of us will have their own experiences with women (about shopping).

This Sunday, my friend went with his girlfriend to a nearby mall for shopping. The girl wanted to buy a trouser. They met at mall premises at 5.30pm and left the mall at 9.30pm. Items bought was .... wait let me tell you the story....

They entered mall at 5.30 and went to first floor central showroom. Just when they were about to enter the showroom, girl noticed CCD outlet which was beside the central. So one hour was spent in having sizzling brownie. 

At 6.30, they went to central. One and half hour flat was spent in traditional wear section. Time: 8pm. The girl tried three different salwar-kameej and asked my friend how was she looking. On all three occasions my friend replied that she was looking beautiful (she is really beautiful, remember I told you wife does not read my blog). However, the girl thought otherwise and did not buy them.

After that, they went to kurtis section. She tried eight different kurtis this time. 45 minutes flat. Time: 8.45pm.
Now, the girl was little hungry. She asked my friend, "do you feel hungry?". My friend got the clue and took her to food court. They had frankies and sandwiches. Time: 9.20pm.

The girl while going home said that central does not have good stock of trousers. So she decided to go to lifestyle shop tomorrow. They parted at 9.30pm.

Continued tomorrow....

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