Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shopping with women (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part 1

Next day my friend and his girlfriend went to lifestyle for purchasing trouser for our beloved lady.

From yesterday's experience, our boy had become smart. He took her straight to trousers' section. She was more than happy to try ten different trousers of ten different brands. Boy shortlisted four of them. She picked up the rest six for second round of trial. Again his opinion was taken and discarded. 

Finally, two trousers were shortlisted by the girl and both were dumped because she thought that she was looking fat in those trousers. My friend was left speechless. Now they headed to another shop.

Some trousers length was too short, some had back pockets, some had front pockets, some did not have pockets at all.... with these genuine reasons all the trousers were rejected. This continued in two more shops. Some trousers did not have peach colour (our guy always thought that peach was fruit and not a colour), some had peach colour but in silk material, trousers in cotton did not have green colour, etc..

While doing all this activity, she bought two tops (equivalent to t-shirt for men), three jeans, one pair of stockings, three pairs of chappals (our girl insisted on calling them as pull-ons) and one soft toy for her sister. Then they headed for food court had dinner and left. Time spent: 6.5 hours flat.

With all the above things said, I still prefer my mom or my wife select clothes for me. Women knows it better. However, I manage to keep them in the required section as long as we buy what is needed. After that they are free to roam

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