Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smart Phone

Much has changed in last 2 years with respect to mobile handsets.
My first phone was Nokia 3310 (about 5 years back) which had a very small screen and bulging keypad. However, at that time it was the only phone easily available in the market. It was the most sturdy handset I ever saw. The battery life was minimum 1 week.

Nowadays, our handset is not limited to calls and messages. It can do host of activities along with the basic function of a phone. Phones like Note 2, Galaxy or Xperia are almost mini laptops. High pixel cameras, stock broking apps, weather forecast apps, M-indicator, document scanner, word, excel are all part of today's phone. Games like sub-way surfers, temple run, ninja, angry birds are craze among adults too. Whatsapp has become an addiction.

While we go ga-ga over these phones, we forget that all these things comes with a price.

Super high resolution for games suck battery out of our phones. Now we need to charge the battery on daily basis. Whatsapp, facebook, twitter are all accessible from our phones only if we have internet. 2G is a passé, so every phone has 3G. These internet plans will inflate the bills. Add service tax and other taxes on the bill and we have a whopping figure. Average bill comes out to be 800 per month. All this while our broad band connection is still in place. LOLs. People with 10k salary buy Samsung Galaxy on 2k EMI.

Dint we learn addiction is bad? We all are addicted to our social networking sites. We keep on refreshing page to see who has liked my status and who has commented what. In office meetings, people are busy looking at the status update. Earlier people use to read novels or chat with friends in train. Nowadays, as soon as they get inside the  train, Subway Surfer starts.

Having said that, I have seen people making good use of the latest technology on their phones. These people attend the conference calls from their home, picnic spots. They trade in stocks with these apps. Mobile banking is helping people great way to stay in touch with their finances and manage money.

I have friends who do all kinds of unnecessary stuff on their phones and increase the bills. Do I advice them? Hell no, I have no face to tell them cos my wife uses Xperia with 3G plan and all the latest apps inside. Analyse your case and decide yourself.

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  1. hehehe viren , good blog but true one point i can say , no doubt we all are ( our genration) has gone creazy about social netwroking sites but there are lot of information availble and can be spread in a second. In all Communication to mass is now easier with smart phone and social media.