Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stay Happy

Recently, read article of Nona Walia in Times of India on Regaining your life.

She is spot on when she says that many times person who is stuck in cycle of doom tends to give up easily. Instead, he should get up and get in charge of his life. However, it is easier said than done. During 'that' time, we are not in a frame of mind to recollect such things (which we had read long back).

Some people may advise you yoga, chocolate therapy, shopping, music therapy, etc.. There are few ways Nona has mentioned which may prevent a person going into that perennial doom mood.

I remember one story which had 2 ways to act. One was reactive and other was proactive or assertive.

The story goes like this:

Once on breakfast table, a toddler by mistake pours some soup on his father's trouser.

Situation 1: Father gets angry. Slaps the child. Child cries for half an hour. Wife starts arguing and fighting with husband for such an irresponsible act. In the process, they spoil their mood. Husband gets late, on the way curses conductor, lift man and so on. Has little concentration on work. Day spoiled.

Situation 2: Father changes his trouser and tells his child to be careful next time. Story khatam :-) Day as usual, business as usual.

The difference in above 2 situations was created by the attitude of father towards a small mistake.

The take away from the above story is we chose to be happy or otherwise. So why choose unhappiness, rudeness, dull day, frowns.
Instead, choose happiness, wonderful day, all smiles. 

Be happy and stay happy.


  1. Agree with you nice story - We can say Way we percive the situation , reaction will be effective and imprint on our minds.

  2. Yes Kaustubh.....what matters is way we perceive the things and how we react.... keep coming :-)