Wednesday, January 22, 2014

VSTS 2010 - Rig Configuration

For the people who are not aware of load testing, it is a testing type  wherein, we check what is the system response with X number of users. 

Controller is the console who controls (i.e. run/start/stop/pause/collate results) and Agents are the machines which actually put load on the application.

Rig configuration is the process wherein we establish a distributed testing harness for load testing. This means, one machine (Controller) would be connected with several machines (Agents) and the test would be run from these several machines i.e. Agents. The Controller would instruct Agents which scripts to be run, how much time, how many users and other general settings. Controller would also collate the results from all the Agents and will store the results.
Below are the steps to have a Rig Configuration. This is nothing but testing on distributed system:

  1. Identify  the machines which would be acting as Controller and Agents
  2. Download Controller and Agent software from Microsoft site:
  3. The above link will download an image of a disc
  4. We need virtual cd drive like Daemon or Alcohol 120% to load the image
  5. Start installation by right clicking on the set up file and run as administrator
  6. Download the Controller software on the machine identified for Controller
  7. Click on Next till the set up gets completed
  8. Click Configure button. Better to have login as network service. Check configure database and give SQL Server instance where SQL database is created for VSTS. Example: MyDBServer/SQLExpress
  9. Click on Apply button
  10. Now, login to the machine which has been identified as Agents.
  11. Download Agent software by repeating steps till #5
  12. Select the Agent to be run as Service in background
  13. Select network password option
  14. Do not forget to register the Agent with the Controller. The string is "machinename:TCPIP port". Example: Mymachine:6901
  15. 6901 works with most of the machines
  16. Follow the steps from #10 to #14 for multiple Agents installation and configuration
However, we need to have subscription key to run the Rig. For this, go to the Microsoft  Subscriptions and get the key. Start Controller configuration in the Controller machine and enter the obtained key.

We are ready for the action.


  1. Thanks for this information Viren, its very useful.