Thursday, February 6, 2014

Couple Story -- Part 2/3

Continued from Part 1:

The judge on the basis of statements given by the doctor, watchman and the couple's son, pronounced the couple as guilty.

Judge asked if the couple had to say anything. The husband said, if their son thinks that they have killed their daughter in law, they have nothing to say. Considering the age of the couple, the quantum of sentence was 10 years of rigorous imprisonment. The media rejoiced. The people were celebrating the punishment meted out to the criminals. Every newspaper highlighted how our country too can deliver speedy justice. Every media channel showed all the history of the judge, public prosecutor and defense lawyer. Every citizen hoped that such speedy justice would deter potential criminals from doing anti social activities.

One of the newspaper captured a photo of watchman, doctor, public prosecutor, son of the couple and an unknown man celebrating the verdict outside the court
premises. Although, they were quick to walk off their own paths, the damage was already done.

ACP Gokhale while having his morning breakfast and tea, happen to get a glimpse of the photo in newspaper. In all circumstances, this photo would not have
rang a bell in ACP's head. However, he could not understand how on earth can a son celebrate his parent's judgement. 

ACP Gokhale is much like Om Puri of Gupt movie (if you have not watched Gupt movie, don't be bothered to watch Bobby Deol). When he is on duty, every other
case bothers him. He has minute details of all the cases that happen in his jurisdiction. In no time ACP got into this case. ACP's thought process was why would son say to the victim that 'we would talk when i return home' when his wife was beaten, why did his own police force act in haste and how the CCTV could not capture the couple's movements.
ACP was sure that there was more to the picture than what was visible to the naked eye. 

However, he was not sure from where to start. He first tried to speak to the building watchman but he was absconding and untraceable. ACP decided to get to the truth from either the doctor or from his own men in uniform. He knew, it was easy to make doctor talk the truth than his own hardened men. In no time, the doctor spilled the beans. ACP need not go to the third degree methods. The coldness of the revolver on his forehead was enough for the doctor to realize that ACP meant business. It was also clear that ACP's business would draw curtains on doctor's plan. Now the complete picture was clear. ACP himself was surprised by the amount of planning that these people had put into. Below is the confession of doctor:

The story goes back to the days when the son of the couple was in college. Son had beat a new comer in his college under the cruel practice of ragging. He then went ahead and humiliated that boy by taking calling entire college around and laughing on him. The trauma of beating and humiliation took toll on that boy's mental fitness. Next day he commited suicide. Son paid handsome money to the policemen and got the case closed as suicide due to over burden of studies. His parents died of shock. His younger sister got a permenent mental scar. She was raised by her uncle who happened to be a doctor in rural 
hospital. Although, both the uncle and sister lead a normal life, every minute was spent in thought of revenge. While all this happened in remote place, media did not get the news of it.

To be continued in Part 3 (last part of the series).


  1. Exciting and story reminds me a movie called TABLE26( Revenge of college days ragging) but nice...viren.........

  2. Yes..... me too got a glimpse of that..... however, the plot and situation is different..... although, message is same....