Sunday, February 9, 2014

Couple Story -- Part 3/3

Continued from Part 2:

Uncle took transfer to the government hospital in son's city and plan had begun.

The sister 'co-incidentally' got job in same company as that of son. Sister made her moves to perfection and son fell in love with her, almost swept off his feet. They got married in few months and she left the job to take care of his house and his parents. The son's parents i.e. couple were impressed with the devotion showed by the sister towards their son. However, they tried counselling her to take job and be independant. Sister thought otherwise, she ought to.

One fine day, sister introduced her friend to the son. This friend was a phsychiatrist. He constantly reminded son about his sins in college and attacked his brain and will power by illustrating how his sins had crushed a young man's dreams, parent's dreams and so on. This frequent conversation made his mind fragile. This is what the sister and doctor wanted. Once the mind of son was on the verge of break down, phsychiatrist planted a theory in son's mind that the couple were not his real parents and they had actually killed his real parents for the sake of money. He was systematically brainwashed to believe the theory. This is also a form of hypnotism.

The plan was to kill the couple with help of son and then reveal the true picture to the son. This was their revenge. This could ensure that son died daily thinking of what he had done.

Once, the son was on doctor's (aka uncle) side, the rest of the plan was simply a cake walk. The daughter in law (aka ragged boy's sister) brought kerosine can from the doctor and hid it in couple's home. She then asked couple to check what was in that can. Unsuspecting couple, opened the can to see what was it. This got their finger prints on the can. Wooden stick which belonged to the couple, was used by the doctor for evidence. He brought an unclaimed women's body from morgue and beat it with that stick. Rest all was managed by doctor's false report, watchman's testimony and son's statement against the couple. The so called dead victim or the daughter in law
was found by police in doctors house. 

All these facts along with the signed confession of doctor was presented before the same court and judge. Judge was shocked to see the facts and thanked ACP for his dedication for achieving justice and his keen eye for criminals. The revised judgement was:
  • Couple to be set free immediately. 
  • Son to be in jail for abetment of suicide case (college case reopened) and abetment in crime. 
  • Doctor was ripped of his degree and was to spend 10 years RI in jail. 
  • Victim/sister/daughter in law too had to accompany the doctor in jail for 10 years. Watchman was caught from his home town and was supposed to give doctor and sister company for next 5 years. 

Everybody understood that revenge is the dish better left un-eaten. Revenge in cold blooded plans or in spur of movement always have repercussions. Though couple felt relieved after the judgement, the also felt the grief for their son who was supposed to spend next 10 years in jail. They could not complain, they knew the reason and sympathised with the sister.
Case was closed, the ink pen nib was broken :-)


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  2. Very nice dude.......reminded me of sherlock holmes...!!!

  3. Nice suspense story dude..!! will wait for new one!

    1. Thank you Santosh for the encouragement.....