Monday, March 10, 2014

The four suspects -- Part 1/2

Disclaimer: If the names of the characters mentioned, matches with anybody, treat it as pure co-incidence. To re-iterate, all the names and the people/places mentioned are purely fictional and bear no resemblance with any person living, dead or to be born in future.....

Mr.Kapoor is the city's well known businessman and philanthropist. People remember the 50 lakhs donation that he gave for the municipal hospital. A new section for skin replacement was opened up in the hospital. Many people who got burns, would be treated here. Two years back he started a school for the people at very competitive rates with world class facilities.

People praise him for the gym and outdoor gaming zone that he built. His image amongst people was of a businessman with ethics and clear conscience. He was in construction business and had built many residential complex in the city. He also had chain of restaurants.

Mr.Kapoor stayed in a 4 Bhk bungalow in city's quite area. The area has small bunglows all over and only rich and affluent stay there. Everybody in the area minded their own business and so did Mr.Kapoor. Except few hi-hellos, people rarely talked with each other.

One fine day, Mr.Kapoor invited 4 of his business partners to his house for dinner. Incidentally, his family had been to his in-laws place and he was alone at home. Such invitations were common in the area. Often deals worth millions were closed on such dinners. Mr.Kapoor was soon to learn that this dinner was not one of the regular dinner parties.

The four people were at Mr.Kapoor's residence at sharp 8pm. These four people were equally famous as Mr.Kapoor.

Mr.Deshmukh was head HR of a leading private bank. He single handedly pulled that bank from oblivion to new fame and glory.
Mr.Shah was CA and an independant practitioner. His clientale belonged to most rich and powerful people in the city.
Mr.Desai owned half of the godowns that existed in the city.
Mr. Mehta was owner of city's leading transport system. 90% of the trucks running on road belonged to him.

After dinner, all five of them sat at Mr.Kapoors private bar at terrace of the bunglow and were enjoying whiskey. They had met today to discuss and finalize when to bring the next consignment of gold in the city.

All the men, in cover of their education and business, ran another business of illegal gold import. Mr.Deshmukh arranged money for buying gold by faking loan applications. Since the gold was in great demand, he always paid back the principle and interest to his own bank through different names and channels. This generated business to bank and hence the board of directors of the bank chose not to ask Mr.Deshmukh who these guys were and why was their loan sanctioned without procedures. Many noticed that the bank loan officer had upgraded his car from alto to skoda in few months.

Mr.Shah used his contacts to sell gold to traders and jewellers without any legal formalities. He also arranged to sell the gold not only in city but outside the state as well.
Mr.Desai's godowns were used for storing grains and vegetables. However, the workers never saw that below the grains and vegetables, there were gold bars and coins.
Mr. Mehta handled all the logistics and transport through his own company.
The entire operation was managed and planned by Mr.Kapoor.

Each day they grew bigger and stronger. They expanded their trade rapidly. However, with every passing day their ego too had grown and each one of them thought that he was the main link and without him the entire business would collapse. Mr.Kapoor knew that each link was crucial and he had kept them all together and did his job well. He was planning to do this for more 5 years. In these 5 years he was planning to accumulate enought wealth and retire. Hence, today's meeting was called by Mr.Kapoor to soothe each and every ego and plan for future action.

However, nothing went as per the plan. Mr.Mehta gulped down more whiskey than he could sustain and passed out. Mr. Desai's stomach suddenly gave up and he had to run to toilet after every 5 minutes. The other three had no option but to talk everything except business.

Suddenly, Mr.Shah's car siren went off indicating some unauthorised entry. Mr.Shah had to run outside for his car.

Electricty went off at next instance. Mr.Kapoor called Mr.Shah and told him to check the fuse while coming. It took 10 minutes for Mr.Shah to locate and trip the fuse back to its position. As soon as the lights glowed, Mr.Deshmukh cried for help. Listening to his cry, Mr.Shah and Mr.Desai ran towards terrace bar. On reaching there, they became cold as ice. They saw Mr.Kapoor in pool of blood and Mr.Deshmukh just 2 feet away with a frightened look. 

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