Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The four suspects -- Part 2/2

On listening Mr.Deshmukh's cry, somebody from neighborhood called for police. They told the police all the details except for the reason of the meeting. Police recorded the statements and photographed the body. The murder weapon was a knife.

The finger prints were collected and sent for forensic lab. Police confiscated passport of all the four people. The media as usual was crazy over this case. People were sad because a philanthropist was killed. Media and people suspected Mr.Deshmukh to be the killer as he was with Mr.Kapoor till he was murdered. Unfortunately, for the killer, the area came
under ACP Gokhale. Media ran a re-cap of the case that the ACP had recently solved - the couple story.

ACP ordered a background check on all the five people. As a part of routine for ACP, he conducted a thorough medical checkup of suspects. He took opinion from leading psychiatrist on their state of mind as well. ACP knew that fignerprints could not be of much use as the killer was amongst the 4 people and everybody's prints would be all around. Knife was wiped off after the work. Everyone had a strong alibi, except Mr.Deshmukh.
However, after the incident, Mr.Deshmukh was under mental trauma and had to be admitted. Doctors told ACP that he was really shocked by the murder and chances of he being the killer could be almost zero. Soon ACP found the real business of all these people and the four were in jail. He also found that each one of the four suspects had no reason to kill Mr.Kapoor. On interrogation each one of them told their story and vehemently denied killing him.

ACP checked the medical reports. However, medical reports confirmed the story told by four suspects. Mr.Mehta had indeed consumed much alcohol and could have passed out. Mr.Desai's stomach could be upset because of acidity. Mr.Shah's car had marks of forced entry which sent off the alarms. This brought the needle back to Mr.Deshmukh. However, his health deteriorated and he had to be shifted to ICU.

Background check of Mr.Mehta revealed that he was avid drinker and could not have passed out due to the amount of alcohol recovered from his body. So Mr.Mehta was on ACP's radar as he could fake himself as passing out and murder Mr.Kapoor.
Mr.Shah was at his car to close the alarm, so he was not supposed to be suspected. Mr.Desai could kill, inspite of his stomach upset. And Mr.Deshmukh was the main suspect and he could do anything. The knife belonged to Mr.Deshmukh. ACP reasoned that why would a man bring a knife from his own house, be with the victim alone, murder him and still be with the dead body and become prime suspect. So Mr.Deshmukh was out from ACP's radar.

Mr.Mehta's blood sample indicated traces of chemical known to make a man unconscious. So it was clear that his drink was spiked and he too found his way out of ACP's radar.
Now, ACP had to zero in on Mr.Desai and Mr.Shah. ACP found that Mr.Desai had loaned Mr.Kapoor a huge sum of money out of his own savings. So Mr.Desai killing him could mean his own loss and he was not that fool who would loose such a quantum of money by killing the person himself.This zeroed on Mr.Shah. ACP went back to the crime scene to see if any evidence or any link could be found. But no, nothing more was to be found. While leaving Mr.Kapoor's house, ACP saw ATM opposite his house. ATM means guard and guard meant possibility of witness. However, the guard was typical guard and he had slept all the night. Since, the area belonged to rich people, hardly anybody came to withdraw money at night. So he had a good night sleep.

Fortunately, the CCTV of the ATM was working and that nailed the murderer. The CCTV clearly showed Mr.Shah tampering with his own car lock to show that the forced entry triggered alarm. Once the video was with ACP, confession came as smooth as cake walk.

The trouble between Mr.Shah and Mr.Kapoor started some 2 months back. Mr.Shah demanded larger share from profit as he felt that the business existed because of his contacts. However, Mr.Kapoor rejected his claim saying each and every person played important role and no person was above the team. Mr.Shah thought that since Mr.Kapoor only managed the business, he was no longer required as the business would still continue as before without Mr.Kapoor. This would also mean profit getting divided between four people instead of five people.

Mr.Shah brought an remote controlled music system and installed in his car. The speakers were installed in the boot space of the car. The music was similar to the anti-theft devices. The boot was not locked which would enable larger sound. Mr.Shah triggered the sound of music from remote control when he was drinking with Mr.Kapoor and Mr.Deshmukh. Mr.Shah told everyone that his anti-theft alarm was set off and he need to go and inspect the car. While going to the car area, he switched the DP of mains (electricity) to off position. He went outside and tampered with his car to show that his car was really attacked by theives. In the mean time, Mr.Kapoor called Mr.Shah and told him to look at the fuse box. Mr.Shah came into darkness and murdered Mr.Kapoor with Mr.Deshmukh's knife.

It was no coincidence that Mr.Deshmukh was the last person to be seen with Mr.Kapoor. Earlier, Mr.Shah had spiked drinks of Mr.Mehta and Mr.Desai with different chemicals that triggered passing out and stomach upset. Now, the stage was set. For police, the picture would be like everyone except Mr.Deshmukh, everybody was away when the murder took place. Moreover, Mr.Shah used Mr.Deshmukh's knife to make killing evidence. Eliminating Mr.Deshmukh meant increase in the profit share. The bank would continue to loan the money (if required) as the loan officer was corrupt man.
Everything would have worked, had that CCTV not captured Mr.Shah tampering his car.

Mr.Shah was booked for murder and rest three were booked for smuggling and money laundering.

ACP Gokhale was upset that the city lost an extremely talented CA to greed. He wondered, if a gold medalist too commit such a crime for paltry profit share.