Thursday, March 6, 2014

Unbelievable Holiday packages

Two weeks back, I had been to the supermarket near my house for grocery. At the entry, some young guy asked me to fill the form by giving my name and phone number and win a chance to win great holiday package. Partially, out of irritation and out of greed to win, I gave my details.

Next day, I got a call from that company saying that my coupon was selected in lucky draw. All I had to do was go to their office, listen to their presentation for 30 minutes and claim my gift. Condition was to come in couples only. Incidentally, my wife and myself both were free on that day and we went to their office. This company being really well known and 5 minutes walking distance from my home made us to decide quickly.

There we were told that the company representative would give presentation on their holiday packages for 30 minutes as decided. After that we can leave.

The presentation was really nice. He showed us beautiful hotels and cottages with which they had tie-ups. The hotel had nice swimming pool, clubs, bars, gyms, tennis courts, etc.. we were impressed. Then he told us that they offer membership plans for 1.5 lakhs. In this, our stay in these hotels would be free. That too for next 25 years. He showed us that 7 days/year would mean 7*25 i.e. 175 days. Hence, for 1.5 lakhs membership, this would mean 858 per day and that too in 5* hotel.

At point blank range and without palak jhapkao, my wife asked him - whats the catch. He recovered very quickly from the hit and told us that there was no catch. However, we were simply to pay 4700 per year to renew our membership. He showed us the calculation:
4700*25 = 117500
Total = 150000+117500 = 267500
Hence, per day would be 267500/175 = 1528 per day
He told us that these days, staying in 5* hotel would costs us around 5000 per day. We were lucky to get it in 1528 per day.

My wife shooted another question. She asked him why would I visit kerala, goa, lonavla or any other place and swim in their pool or play tennis or do exercises when I am on picnic. I had to control my laughter. The guy was really speechless.

My wife harassed him more by another question - if we happen to skip picnic in a particular year due to work or any personal issue, do we still have to pay the 4700? He replied yes. So my wife said, in that case won't the denomination in the calculation go down and the overall per day cost go up?

The last nail on coffin was from my side. Even if the stay is free, don't you think food expenses in 5* hotel would be costlier to middle class person like me.

He gave us crockery set as a gift after 4 days. Not bad. From the 30 minutes, I got: crockery set, got to see interesting place and conversation (it was for the first time that i visited 5* hotel) and matter for another post in my blog :)

Thank God my wife did not tell him that last time we went for holiday, we stayed in my company's holiday home. I love my wife... especially when she saves money :P


  1. Luckey Guy you viren ...................:-)

  2. Dear Viren, I'm impressed with your better half. Convey my regards and congratulations to her for asking the rights questions at the right time. :)