Monday, March 24, 2014

Working women

Last week I read a post on marriage by Subramoney.

Well, it was really touching story of a working women. I mean, paying hefty EMI for a house which is not even on your name is too much. Especially, when you are newlywed and living  in a joint family. If you top it up with harassing in-laws…… you get a hell on earth. No need to die.

There are innumerable examples of men suffering from marriage too. Like 1 reader said that a man sponsored his wife’s higher education. Now I think, this is little incorrect comparison. I guess paying an EMI on a house not in your name and living along with your in-laws (may be harassing too) simply cannot be considered or compared with paying for higher education. If you say so, what is the point in propagating women education.
I know a case where husband asked for hospitalization charges from his in-laws for treatment of his wife. Inhuman, simply inhuman. Is this what we call a marriage? Live-in is then really better than such marriages. At least there are not any huge expectations.
What has happened to today’s men? They are not ready to marry without dowry!! Wife seems to be your competitor. Wife getting more paycheck is taboo. Wife should not wear jeans. Too much.
I do not think, a women will ever ask for her husband’s treatment from his parents. Women are not so narrow minded. Be assured that this case is not a one of the case. I personally know a man who wants his annual rating in his company better than his wife. Are you a kid? What has rating got to do with marriage? Would this rating matter in your 25 years of marriage?

Haven’t we all read a recent story in media about a man asking for divorce citing a reason: wife wearing trouser and shirt and going to tours on office work. Now, there may be other side of story which media has not highlighted to sensationalize the case. We never know.
Apart from this, what about below things that women has to bear, co-operate and not complain:
  • Give birth to your child. You cannot do that. Period.
  • There are pre and post maternity complications that a women has to undergo.
  • Cook for you and your family.
  • Simply stop talking to your friend (male friend, off-course) just because hubby does not like him.
  • Husbands ask for complete share in women’s paycheck. As if her parents have tree giving money instead of leaves.
  • Multi-tasking: grow up a child, work in office, do chores at home and manage husband and his moods.
  • Physical abuse by husband.
  • Physical abuse by in-laws.
  • I know a girl from close distance who pays for a car loan of her brother-in-law. Surprise: her brother is in college (PG).
  • Lady migrating from one city to another city leaving behind her own house, friends, sweet-sour memories and off-course her parents.
I could think of few more however, 10 are good enough to drive home a point, right?
As always, every coin has 2 sides. So, there are husbands suffering from never ending shopping sprees of wives, wife blowing all the money in cosmetics, wife not cooking at home at all, extra marital affairs, so on and so forth. However, the number of instances or ratio could be heavily tilted towards women sufferings.
So all the real men, after reading this, please, while going home buy your wife a sweet little rose bouquet. By the way, I would not buy that bouquet. Last time I went there on her birthday, it made my wallet lighter by 250 rupees. Too much costly hain yaar.


  1. I am buying 1 rose every alternate day for my wife (Rs 150 me pura month ho jaata hai, and she is loving it).This is to express my love/ respect for her who just resigned from her 7 year IT carrier to give full attention to our 6 months old daughter.