Saturday, May 3, 2014

Serial Killer - Part 1/2

Clock showed 12.15 midnight. Aruna was awake. Her husband was still not at home. She was all alone in their 3 bhk row house on the outskirts of the city. The nearest house was at least 2 km away. She remembered, how she had protested to her husband during purchase of their house. However, Karan (her husband) was adamant. He was in love with this bungalow. The master bedroom window had a view of hills and a lake running on the sides of those hills. The other bedroom had a view of lush green fields. There was a terrace, where Karan wanted to sleep at night along with his friends in summer. Aruna too had loved the house. But the house being on the outskirts of the city left her little worried about daily chores.
Suddenly, the phone ranged and Aruna was scarred as she was completely lost in her thoughts. When she saw that the caller was Karan, she felt little better. Karan called her to inform that his car broke down in the middle of road and he was going to call the mechanic. This would mean that he would be home not before 2 am.
Just as she kept her mobile phone down on the table, door bell ranged. She saw the time, it was 12.50am. She missed few heart beats. She could imagine some stranger ringing their door bell. However, she thought that Karan was playing some prank and he himself must be at the door. With a mix of joy and fear, she opened the door. Whoooff... there was nobody at the door. Now her heart was filled with fear. She decided to install safety door next day. However, little she knew that there was no next day in her life. She shut the door and glanced at the clock, the clock showed 1:00am. She decided to get to her room quickly, lock the door and sleep. Karan had keys, so that should not be the problem to him.
Morning, 6:00am. Phone bell rang. Constable Waghmare got irritated. He was about to get promotion letter in his dreams and this phone call awaked him. With little sleep and little anger, he picked up the receiver. However, the caller told him something which awaked him completely and he started cajoling the caller to calm down. The caller was Karan. He called the police station to inform that his wife had committed suicide in their house.
Being the most sincere constable in the city, Waghmare reached Karan’s house in flat 20 minutes. He had weird thoughts in his mind. He was wondering, why someone would commit suicide at such odd hour. His gut feeling told him that there was something more to the story. On reaching there, he understood that there was a serial killer at work. On the wall of bedroom, a big ‘S’ was written......... with Aruna’s blood.
Since, forensic team would take some more time to come; he took pictures of the body and wall himself. The patrol team arrived in 10 minutes. They lowered the body and took few more pictures. They collected the blood samples. Meanwhile, the forensic team arrived and started to click pictures of anything and everything. They took samples from the surrounding area of the house, foot wear of Karan and Aruna, terrace..... everything.
At 10:00am, ACP Gokhale reached his office. He had been informed about the case by constable Waghmare. ACP knew that ‘S’ meant Sujit. 5 years back, ACP was very close of getting hold of serial killer Sujit. However, Sujit managed to escape. In his time, Sujit was the most notorious serial killer. He would kill anybody whom he found alone at home between 12 and 3am. Sujit would hang the victim and would write ‘S’ on the wall with victim’s blood.
People were so scarred of him that even watchmen started being in group between 11 and 4am. Since Karan and Aruna were new to the city, they knew nothing about the murders.  5 years back, ACP Gokhale (the then senior inspector) had carefully analysed Sujit’s pattern and came very close to him. ACP missed Sujit by few minutes and after that murder, Sujit vanished in thin air.
Serial killers are extremely difficult to nab. They do not look like criminals. They resemble like most common faces on this earth. They do normal 9-5 jobs. Historically, serial killers are known to be easy going and fun loving people and are always in group. However, in their mind they are just looking for the next target. Their sub conscious mind is always looking for targets. Since they do not have any peculiar feature, they often go un-noticed. Even the most famous detectives have failed to recognize them in crowd. The only way to catch them is while doing the crime.

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