Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Serial Killer - Part 2/2

ACP visited the crime scene but could not find any clue. He questioned Karan, his story was normal. He got late in office – his car broke down – he called mechanic – he called Aruna – mechanic took whole night for the repair – reached home at 5:45am – saw Aruna hanging and called police station. The call records confirmed his story. ACP conducted a check on his car by a garage wala and found that the clutch plate, headlights and horn replaced. ACP went to Karan’s office and confirmed his story by checking the swipe out time of the proximity card and CCTV footage. He also checked the meeting timings. Everything was as per Karan’s statement.
Since Karan was found clean, ACP got more worried. If Karan is clean, then it means Sujit is back and the city would witness more murders. ACP had to stop these murders from getting executed. ‘How to stop the murders’ was the thought in ACP’s mind. Sujit had proved that he was smart than the combined smartness of the city police force.
ACP confessed to Waghmare that he had no idea what to do next and he was feeling dumb. The constable suggested that they do a double check on the couple. ACP liked his idea. ACP was worried why Sujit is back after 5 years and who would be his next target. However, the constable gave a new dimension.
Karan’s friends told the police that Karan was very happy after marriage. Aruna was super rich girl. Her father died 2 years back and left a fortune for them. Karan was a high salaried employee and a hard working guy. 1 year back, the couple purchased the bungalow from Karan’s savings. The couple were very private and they had never met Aruna. The couple met at some place in their hometown in other state, got married and came to this city some time back. The friends were even not aware of their hometown. The couple enjoyed their privacy. That was all the police could get from the friends.
2 months went by and nothing happened. ACP thought that this was not Sujit. Serial killer Sujit would kill someone every week. That was his pattern. Serial killers never deviate from their patterns. Change is just not acceptable to them. The case was getting complicated day by day. With some more search, police found few more leads. Karan’s parents died in a car accident, some 10 years back. Aruna’s mother died while giving birth to their only child. Her father died 2 years back. Karan is clean. Sujit’s pattern is not seen. The couple had no enemies.
Another month passed. No murders and now ACP was sure that somebody murdered Aruna and faked it as that of Sujit’s work. In the meantime, Sujit cashed 100 crores from insurance company. The policy was purchased by Aruna’s father some 10-15 years back. The 800 crores in Aruna’s account now belonged to Karan. Karan was now worth 900 crores.
Showing this money transaction, ACP got permission to question Karan. He was called to police station. As expected, Karan did not show up. By all means, he was now a rich man. ACP then sent 2 constables to his house. Constables brought the news that Karan was hanged in his house and a ‘S’ was written on the wall. Interestingly, the money was not found in his account. When ACP went to the bank, the bank guys told that Karan had transferred all the money to some international bank, immediately.
At the same time, a woman boarded a plane to New Zealand. She got a window seat. The plane took off in next 20 minutes.  The woman was tired and lost in her thoughts. Last 3 months were very hectic for this lady. The woman was leaving her own country but her thoughts were not letting her rest and sleep.
The incidents that happened in last 3 months were rolling in front of her eyes. She remembered how her husband wanted to kill her for money. Her husband brought a secluded house on the city outskirts to kill her at his convenience. Instead of running away from the house she decided to tackle the situation heads on.  She took help of her gardener and faked her death. For this they had to find a body of a just died woman (so that they would get the blood to write on wall) with same blood group from other city’s morgue. They brought the body and hanged her.  She then asked her husband to tell police that the body was of her wife so that they could get the insurance money. Husband agreed and thought of double crossing her. He thought that he would kill her after taking all the money. It was a win-win for Karan.
As soon as Karan took the insurance money, the woman killed him and hanged his body in same fashion with the help of gardener. She transferred the money to the New Zealand bank. Being a daughter of a rich man and a CA herself, she knew how to handle the money trail. The gardener was awarded handsomely and left the city. The investigating ACP had kept the case away from media as he feared that people would panic on listening Sujit’s name. The woman had anticipated this fear.
Her flight landed in New Zealand airport. The lady on the immigration counter greeted the woman: “Welcome to New Zealand, Miss Aruna”.
In India, ACP had no clue what had happened. They waited for 1 complete year. No more murders, no ‘S’ sign, nothing... Commissioner ordered ACP to put the 2 murders on Sujit’s name and hide everything from the media. ACP agreed that they had no other option.  Deep inside, ACP knew that this was not Sujit. He had now 2 unsolved cases on his name.

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