Sunday, June 15, 2014

Introspection 2

Introspection refers to having a relook at what we are doing and rechecking it if it is the correct way. It is always easy to blame others for our problems. This may help to release the frustration but it wont solve the problem. If we want to solve our problems, we have to do something.

Most of the foreign return (an old word, still relevant) people, whom I have met, have told me that how our country is dirty and how other countries are neat, clean and tidy. I was impressed by their stories. I have heard many stories which depicted their metro services, chaka chak roads, no dust, etc…

When I visited the foreign country, I understood the other side of the picture. Lets us keep the natives of any country out of this. This post is related to just Indians.

Whenever I eat chocolate or sandwich or any such item, I always make it a point to keep the wrapper in my bag and then throw it in dustbin. Unlike many others, I do not throw the BEST bus tickets after alighting from the bus. I just keep it in my pocket and then throw it once I reach office or home.  I did all this unknowingly. I never had any point to prove to be a good citizen or just showcase my manners. It just happened (sorry to say that). I learned this from my school friend Krish (Has no connection with Roshans. His name is Krishnan and we called him Krish in 2002). Getting into that habit as student was much easier than today. Somehow I carried this habit even after I lost touch with Krish.
Many people use to laugh at me when I did such things. However, it was habit which I was not willing to change. So it just continued. In later years, I noticed that the people who use to laugh are the same set of people who are praising foreign country for their cleanliness. Complete oxymoron (or may be just moron).

People throw the cigarette ends, chips packet, chocolate wrapper and all the things on road. To be clear and honest, I do not have anything against this behavior or this people. I just find it funny when the same men and women visit other nations, they do not do this activity. I can see the people carrying separate plastic bags to throw the waste items. They do not throw away the metro ticket after getting out of the station. They preserve it and throw it in dustbin. Common guys, you can do this in India too. Even if we start, over the years we may have clean roads.

At present, we may not be able to have roads like the below picture. 

Courtesy: My cell phone
There could be many reasons for this. We do not have sufficient dust bins along the road side (said that, recently, BMC has put 2 separate dust bin beside every bus stop. Each one is designated as dry and wet waste). The maintenance of the existing dust bins is major problem. They treat it like Ashal’s line: Fill it and forget it. However, we cannot blame everything on BMC workers. They have their own limitations. They have machines for which adequate training is not provided. Most of them have to walk from one area to other to clean the roads. I have not seen anybody using cycle or 2 wheeler, (If they have, sorry, I do not know and I will not research on this. Complete time waste).

Similarly, about the people who complain about water shortage. When these people visit Middle East or some other nation with water scarcity, they are careful about water usage. Then why the damn you don’t care at your home. There is absolutely no point in keeping the water tap open while shaving. There is huge wastage of water from the leaking taps. People buy bisleri water, drink some of it and throw the rest of bottle (along with water) on the railway tracks. Amazing, isn’t it?

Note: This post is not to point fingers at anybody. This was just to say that if we do not like to see garbage on road, just avoid throwing that on road. Simple and effective.


  1. Dear Viren, Thanks for the gentle reminder how clean we are? I'm right now out of India and can see the changed behavior of fellow Indians to strictly follow the rules and regulations. As the charity begins at home, so do the cleanliness.



    1. If you just follow those people when they are in India, you would see the difference.
      Btw, me too away from motherland; So we will have to outsource that work :P