Thursday, June 5, 2014


It is amazing to know that 7 out of 10 people love photography [Source: Not to be disclosed.. Sshhhh]. If the 10 people chosen are Indian, then the it would be 9 out of 10 people love photography. I have many friends who have their hobby as photography. To be honest, I too belong to that 90% of that crowd who love photography. It is just that I dont love watching photos. I just love taking snaps and then forget about it. Weird? Yes. Does it matter? Nopes. Cos, I don't have expensive cameras and I do not really go on photography spree. At max, I click 10 pictures in a year. So that is it. Despite loving it, I do not do it. No reasons.

We all are amateur photographers in one way or the other. We simply love taking snaps. The reason is we want to capture the moment and have it with us. There is absolutely no logical reason for us to go to wax museums and take snap with the celebrity wax statuties. Still we do that, you, he, she, me.. we all do that. The only reason is we want to capture that moment forever. Many times, we do not want to boast about we visiting any particular place but we simply want to be photographed with that place and let the world know that I was there. That is the exact reason, why uploading of photos is the maximum activity done on FB, twitter, instagram and offcourse the Whatsapp.

For the statistics lovers, please google and see for yourselves. My post seldom has numbers to satisfy.

Since I love laziness, I try to be at home on weekends. My weekends are generally booked by chores which should have been done on weekdays. On weekends, I go to nearby super market and buy grocery for the week. Many times, I buy it for more than 2 weeks just to avoid going on immediate weekend. My mom and wife knows this, somehow they cooperate as long as I bring home the things. I spend half of the Sunday in either sleeping or cleaning my house. The other half, I have to be involved in house related activities like looking after the .. okay, forget it. Enough of my dinchariya (actually, weekend chariya). The point is although I love photography, I find no time in going to places and clicking pictures. I have many friends (married for that matter) who regulary visit many places on weekends just to click some pictures of ancient monuments, rare birds, etc. I wonder how they find time to do this lovely activity.

On more pondering, I realize that I can find time to do this, if I really want to do this. It would be really simple: do the house hold activities in EMIs in weekdays. Get all the sabji mandi at home before the weekends starts and then wrroommm off to the forests and ancient places. For this, you must really have the obsession of photography.

Many people also try to do this as a part of their plan of second income. Word of caution: not every picture taken by you would be worth displaying forget selling. However, this does not mean that you should not try at all. People who really want to do this as a part of side income, must really get some huge investments upfront. The average quality lens would cost you around 1 lakh rupees. Include the expenditure incurred on travelling and it would be huge. So the ROI would be very little and the time taken to establish is fairly large. Off-course, there are exceptions and with luck and good talent, you can be next famous wildlife photographers, fashion photographers, air photographers, etc.. (Note: I just avoided giving names). So photography as an income could take years and with loads of initial investment. Just to warn the readers before hand.

Pursuing photography as a hobby is good stress buster like any other hobby that you may have. It has its share of pros and cons. Pros being, you get to roam around, visit new places, get to know their culture, eat variety of food and photograph everything. My friend took me to one of the trekking at Naneghat. It is not really a place to trek. It is just a walk. The professional trekkers may do that in their sleep as well. We took one big plate there for eating lunch. So for the fun part, my friend and me took that in our hands sharing it like they do it in Wimbledon and clicked our selves. Funny? yes, but we enjoyed. So that's the fun part and we do not care about hobby. Another funny experience with same friend. I wish I could publish the faces of my friends. However, since at the time of writing this post, I did not get any confirmation and hence their faces have been colored.

We went to essel world. Another friend joined us and we clicked ourselves as Gandhijeeke 3 bandar. That was fun. I have heard that somebody gave picnic group photograph for PAN card application. If that was fun, it was in bad taste.

The latest trend in photography is selfies (I hope it does not become obsolute till I hit the Publish button on this post). I am amazed (again, huff) by the way people try to be unique while having selfies. People click with hand on their face!!! How on earth that is a selfie if the face is hidden. People click themselves while running on treadmill. If this encourages them to run more or come there often then it is ok, else that is madness. They click themselves while pouring tea in cup, spoon in mouth, with goggle bigger than the face, with hair standing and loads other ways. Please beware. There have been recent cases where people died trying to photograph themselves in unique manner. Someone went to take pic with squirrel as selfie. Obviously with flash, squirrel panicked and bit the hand having cell phone. Somebody went to have selfie with incoming train and died in the process. Take care guys and enjoy the photography.

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