Sunday, August 3, 2014

Luxury (Part1/2)

Note: All the characters in this story are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person or event in past, present or future.

Arjun and Nisha were a fun loving couple. They met each other in the office canteen for the first time, sparks flew and before they could understand they got married. It was like living a dream for them.

After 6 months, the reality dawned upon them. They made a classic mistake of marrying  without know each other well, at least "financially". Next 6 months were like who kills first competition between them. Thankfully, both survived. They realized what was going on in their life and why it was so. Both of them thought of taking corrective action. They only had two options - either get divorced and marry someone else who has more money or make more money. Since, they loved each other, they thought of giving a try to making more money first and if that does not work, former option was always available.

Next one month was spent in tyring to figure out what do to earn more money. They thought of anything and everything. Side business was ruled out since both of them were working from 8 am to 8 pm. Weekend was spent in house hold chores. Nisha managed to change job and get hike in her job. While the hike was only 20%, it kept both of them engaged for another month or so. They soon realized that still it would take next few decades to make enough money so that they can just sit back and enjoy the luxurious life. Coming from the fast food generation, wait was not acceptable.

Arjun tried to pester his boss to give foreign country assignment. However, this depends upon the project you are in and hence was left to chance.

Next day's newspaper changed their life entirely. Somebody had robbed the city's biggest bank and vanished with all the money. They too thought of taking the wrong path to get the amount of riches they wanted.

Even a jerk would tell that to pull off the bank robbery, they needed a team and a fool-proof plan. Arjun and Nisha spent next 8 months in preparing a master plan to execute the bank robbery. Code word was: Luxury. The next step was to involve 3 more 'motivated' people who would be the part of the team. Their office friends were ready to venture in this new 'business'. They quickly found the suitable 3 people and their team of 5 people to execute the 'Luxury' was ready.

Asmi was the receptionist in Arjun's office. She was more interested in pursuing a career in fashion rather than being a telephone picker in an office. Kunal was security in charge in Arjun's office. Arjun had involved Kunal for his expertise in security area. Arjun and Nisha needed another guy who could handle the logistics of any kind, be it ammunition or accessories. Kunal helped them in finding such a man. His name was Raja.

They arranged for their first official team meeting at Kunal's house. Arjun and Nisha told everybody about the plan in detail. Everybody gave their suggestion which was accepted or ignored after all considerations. After a week or so, their blueprint was ready.

During one such meeting, the seeds of the so called double crossing, revenge and blood were sown. No longer when it became evident that Kunal was the main part of the Luxury execution, Nisha was seen giving him more importance. Raja and Arjun could clearly see that Nisha was attracted towards Kunal. In retaliation, Arjun became close with Asmi. In next few weeks, there were many fights between Kunal and Arjun over the execution of plan. However, the real reason was very obvious. Raja was left to playing a match referee. Arjun and Kunal, both of them have to play a crucial role in the Luxury. Arjun was the creator of the project while Kunal would be the one who would be pulling it off. Raja declared the ceasefire by conducting the meetings separately and then preparing the plan separately. Though this was time consuming, it was the only way in which the team could continue to work and be productive.

However, this separate meetings meant more time for each party to think on how to check-mate other. Arjun confided to Asmi that he was planning to back stab Nisha and Kunal. He told her that they would pull off the project and then ditch Nisha and Kunal and distribute the reward among Asmi, Raja and himself. They also took Raja in their plan. Raja and Asmi had nothing to loose. This double crossing meant increased share for both of them.

Not sure if Nisha read Arjun's mind but she told Kunal to prepare some plan by which they could back stab other 3 and keep the entire fortune for themselves, get married and leave the country.

Hence, at the same instant of time, 3 plans were made and each party was eager to ditch other.


  1. Wow. Interesting as usual. Waiting for next part. And thanks for accepting my request so early.



    1. Thank you Ashal for your encouraging and kind words :)