Thursday, August 7, 2014

Luxury (Part2/2)

From Part 1

Raja made arrangements for computers, hacking software, guns and extra sim cards. Each of them had 5 set of sim cards. Kunal studied the security arrangements of the bank and decided how to break those security stuff and play along the plan of Arjun and Nisha. Arjun and Asmi took care of keeping a watch on the bank and their staff. Nisha was doing all the ground work of how to take care of the looted money and how to distribute them and how to use them without getting detected.

Asmi seduced the bank's employee and opened a new account in the same bank in which the project was to be executed. This was part of Arjun and Asmi's plan. Arjun convinced Asmi that they would deposit all their money in that account and route that to some other account in other country so that the tracking of serial number would not be a challenge for them.

Every married man knows, that the wife always knows what her husband is up to. Nisha easily got credentials of the new bank account from Arjun's document folder and could imagine what the plan could be. Nisha opened an international account in other country where she would transfer Arjun and Asmi's money. That night, after Arjun had slept, Nisha booked 2 tickets for Belgium where she had the bank account as well. The plan was to get out of country within few hours of the luxurious execution.

The D-Day (night actually).

Kunal had already bribed the 3 security guards of the bank. The bank was situated on the ground floor of a residential building. Our story's 5 characters had rented the apartment on first floor, just above the bank. At 1430, they entered the bank without even branding their guns. They entered the vault room where all the money had kept. They took a x-ray  and a magnetic print of the levers of the lock. The x-ray and magnetic print showed how the levers of the lock were arranged. Once that was known, Raja started making a key to suit the combination. Nisha praised Arjun for how he had thought of using this medical equipments here. The key was prepared in 30 minutes flat.

In a pull off that lasted more than 3 hours, they had removed almost 100 crores from the vault. It was unanimously decided to keep the money with Asmi for timebeing. They left the venue immediately. Next plan was to back stab each other.

Asmi and Arjun arrived at the venue again within 10 minutes with all the money. They kept all the money back in the vault in 2 minutes. However, next 20 minutes were spent in transferring all the money electronically to their account in the same bank. For this, they used the bank employee's computer. It was an easy taks for Asmi to get the credentials from the bank employee. They wired all the money to the bank account of Asmi from the bank's database.
Here, Raja was dividing 100 by 3 and planning what do of this huge sum of money. Kunal too was busy in planning for the money utilization, however he had divided that money by 2.

Nisha had reached their home. Arjun reached and told her that he was late due to some traffic. Nisha knew the real reason. He went to have quick bath and get freshen up. In the mean time, Nisha transferred all the money from Asmi's account to her Belgium account and left the home. She had to reach airport for the flight.

Nisha boarded the flight. She had booked window ticket for herself. No longer she sat there, a bearded man came and sat next to her. She smiled and said "Love you honey, what a plan". Arjun removed his artificial beard, smiled back and said "Love you too honey".