Sunday, March 22, 2015

From the Horse's mouth

Imagine, you are a cricket lover and a die-hard Sachin fan. You get to know that Sachin is in your town and would personally coach 20 people for the whole day. Okay, you are music lover and get to know that you can attend a personal coaching with limited people and the coach would be Lata Mangeshkar. Or you are... okay, enough of imagination. The truth is Subra conducted a whole day lecture on personal finance. There were 20 lucky people who attended that event. My wife and me were among those 20 people.

Needless to say that all the people over there belonged either to AIFW group or Subramoney followers. I belong to both categories :)

The lecture was to start at 9:30am and all the people were in by 9 in the morning. Rarely you see such enthusiasm and excitement. Offcourse, Subra was already there with his laptop.

The expectations were set for the day and we went ahead with the presentation. Each slide was elaborately explained with suitable examples.

As expected, Subra was at his best. Humble behavior, humor, witty, brutally honest and full of knowledge.

To give example of his wit and honest feedback: He asked any of the person to volunteer for the income-expense so that he can show us the quantum of retirement corpus. When the guy who raised the hand said that he has 55k housing EMI and 15k car EMI, Subra stopped him and said, "Next please.. I want a guy who lives on his own money and not on borrowed money". Did we expect this answer? Offcourse, yes. Even the guy would have expected same answer if he is regular on Subramoney and AIFW. Subra is not somebody who does it for the sake of doing it. His passion for PFP and teaching PFP was evident. The same guy asked hundreds for queries throughout the day and Subra answered all with same zeal.

Subra also gave some unspoken advices like how to use debt mutual fund for retirement, efficiently. He explained how RDs and FDs are inferior to debt mutual funds when we say that the duration is for 10-15 years.

As usual, somebody asked him which is the best mutual fund to invest for retirement. Subra gave his patent answer: 1 saving account, 1 index fund, 1 term insurance, 1 emergency fund and 1 health insurance would suffice all. He explained how earmarking each investment with goal plays a psychological advantage.

The topics covered during the lecture were like basic financial concepts, need for planning, goal based investment, basics of financial products and loads of questions from the attendees.

The sandwiches, tea and food was good. There were few health care tips too from the marathon runner. He advices us to measure the cash in and out; also measure the calories in and out of our body.

My wife enjoyed the day as well. For a financial lecturer it has to be great feeling to hear that a women from non financial background enjoyed sitting whole day listening him.

Just to explain how much people enjoyed, let me tell you what happened at 6:30pm. Subra asked if anybody had any questions. When everybody confirmed NO, he said that if no questions then we are done. Everybody heard that but nobody was ready to move. It was as if people did not want to hear that last line. Subra again asked if anybody had any questions and again there was NO. Finally, he said that "thank you guys" and closed his laptop. Boy, what a day it was.

I would definitely go again to Subra's lecture if he announces any sub sequent parts of the lectures.


  1. Next lecture is already planned for April 2015.



    1. I think that is just the repeat of the earlier one. Saw the notes attached and the points are same

  2. Well, I consider myself lucky and chosen one when I see, how freely Subra is accessible to me. I simply have to read his blog or mail him or call him or just run alongside him....
    And am sure you must have witnessed 'Censored' Subra, where as on other hand I get "Uncut" version.