Friday, June 12, 2015

My new two wheeler - TVS Wego

After 6 months of going back and forward, we finally bought scooter. Ahh.. my first vehicle :) .. Feels nice? Off course it does.

Typically first question: was there a need of own vehicle?
My place is similar to Pune. If you do not have a vehicle (at least 2 wheeler), you are handicapped. The bus service is not remotely as good as BEST. You cannot depend on these machines.
Although, the necessity things can be bought right in the area, we do have to travel some distance (like 15 mins drive) to get some specialties. These specialties include chaat items, hotels or even shopping centers.

While we do not need hotels or shopping centers on weekly basis, having a 2 wheeler helps immensely to travel anywhere without depending on 'autoriksha' or bus.

Did I calculate cost per km spent if I travel by public transport vs own 2 wheeler? Hell, no. As I wrote sometime back, we need to look beyond money, many times.

Having own vehicle simply means, while getting down you do not have to worry about availability of auto or bus. I had many occasions of waiting for about 30 mins in the afternoon just to reach station for 5 mins work on a Saturday. Even though, in weekdays, I have to spend some waiting time for bus (since I do not commute on personal vehicle); spending 30 mins on Saturday is a strict no no.

Most of the reasons for buying a 2 wheeler are psychological and for convenience.

Once, we decided on buying a 2 wheeler, the next step was deciding which one to buy. Here too, we went by 'needs vs want theory'. The primary use of the vehicle would be to carry groceries from store to home, fetching vegetables from a near by market and off course for buying dinners in a month or two. So the obvious option was to buy a scooter rather than a bike. Scooter has almost a 10 kg capacity storage place along with some place near the legs for hanging bags. Bikes do not have luggage carrying capacity. When on bike, you have to bring someone pillion just to carry the bags.

Next, was which company to go with.

My wife is fan of TVS motor company. She had a TVS scooty which she used for more than 10 years without any engine problem. So one company was already short listed for comparison. However, we still had to have a look at Honda scooters (as they are the leaders in market in the scooter segment). We started with Honda. We went to their showroom and took test drive of Honda Activa 125 and Activa i (the plastic version of the earlier Activa). The same day we went to TVS showroom and took a test drive of Jupiter, Scooty zest and Wego. All the TD vehicles in Honda were worn out and difficult to drive. However, the one in TVS showroom were almost new and were amazing to drive.

We went home and thought about it for few days. We could not believe that Honda scooters were not as good as TVS. So we quickly concluded that the TD vehicles were not upto the mark or poorly maintained.

After few days, we decided to visit another showroom of Honda to check their TD scooters. I called that guy and asked if we can come and if they had models to see and check. After his confirmation we went there. On reaching, we asked for TD and the guy told that he does not have any TD vehicles. I was like, "why did I call you". And the answer was chilling - "You called and asked me if there were any vehicles to see and check. Here are the vehicles on display. You can see them and check but you cannot drive".

This incident completely turned our scooter picking process. Now, we simply had to choose from 3 TVS models !!!

We went again to TVS showroom to finalize on the model.

Jupiter looked crude copy of the Activa and was outright no no.

Zest and Wego looked nice and feature comparison was done between these 2 vehicles.

Both the vehicles have 110 cc engine (same as Activa 110). Wego has metal body and visibly larger tires than Zest. This meant Wego is more stable on highways (which was essential, since I stay very close to highway). Also, Wego comes with closed glove box while Zest has open folder like structure near the handle. The only advantage of Zest is it has wider utility box below the seat. I could place my helmet under it and lock it. Although, both Wego and Zest have same storage capacity (i.e. 10 kg below the seat), Wego cannot accommodate my helmet.
Both Zest and Wego gives about similar mileage i.e. 40-50 kmpl. Wego has decent looks while Zest has typical scooty looks. The more we explored, the more choice became clear - TVS Wego.

Wego has fuel filing location on the external body. Hence, we do not have to lift the seat while filling petrol. Unlike, Jupiter, Wego has the petrol opening parallel to ground which is very convenient.

The vehicle was deliverd in 1 week (disc brake Wego has some waiting period). This 1 week was spent for vehicle procurement , registration and insurance. It took another 1 week to get tax receipt.

Next plan of action is to complete the 1000 km on the odo at the earliest. This would enable quick break-in of the engine and long lasting performance. In 1 week, I could clock 100 km. However, immediate focus is to complete 500 km before 1 month and have the first servicing done.

For comparison and specifications, I have used sites like Team-Bhp, Honda official site and TVS official site. After comparing and listing what I wanted, I have bought TVS Wego.

The photo is used from the official TVS Wego website.

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