Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Revenge - Last part

Here is the part 1
Here is the part 2

Sachin left early in the morning for the office. After sometime, the lady got ready for the office. Before leaving house, she called a number.

“Boss, plan is working”, said the lady.
“Good”, was the reply.
“In this week, they fought. He bought new car, left home and moved to my house”, said the lady.
“Good”, was the reply.
“Should I bump him off now?”, asked the lady.
“Fool, do not do anything unless you are asked to do. I want to use that guy. He has cost me millions. Instead of bumping him, I can use his skill and recover that money with interest”, was the reply.
“Sorry boss”, said the lady.
“Now, resign and join my company. I have some plan. Ask that stupid guy to follow you. I want to keep close tab on him. I will ensure you join at higher level to boost his ego and ensure it looks normal. Can you pull it off”, asked Deepak.
“Yes, boss”, the lady said.

The lady went to the office and resigned. She asked Sachin to do the same and promised that he can get more rewarding job in another company. Sachin too got carried away and resigned. After the necessary notice period, both of them joined Deepak’s textile company.

Raj was breathing fire. He was thinking, how could Sachin join his father’s killer’s company.

In the new company, Sachin and the lady joined as VP. Deepak ensured easy induction and transition. The lady tempted Sachin with rich and luxurious life. She asked Sachin if he can help them live grand life. Sachin revealed to her that he can hack accounts and pull money. Lady got all the account numbers of Deepak’s rival and gave it to Sachin to hack. All these people too were criminal and hence Sachin did not feel guilty.

Sachin collected all these account numbers and started doing the basic research on them. He also added few more account numbers of politicians and prominent personalities. He did all the research for 2 weeks and finally was ready to pull the plug. 

All the last minute work ensured it was 2 am in the morning when Sachin was done with everything. Before going for the pull, he dialed in a number:

“All set?” asked Sachin.
“Yes”, was the reply.
“Is the IP switched?” asked Sachin.
“Yes. Now your computer’s IP address is pointing to Deepak’s machine” said Raj.
“Good, I am hitting the button”, said Sachin.
“All yours”, was the reply.
Sachin transferred billions of money from all these accounts into personal account of Deepak. His account was flooded with money and immediately red flag was raised by the bank system.

Here, Raj called onto Deepak.

“Hello Deepak. This is Raj”
“Raj, how dare you call me at this hour” said Deepak
“Sorry to bother you. Thought of informing you that Sachin is transferring all the money to you personal account and you will be screwed by the morning” said Raj.
“You f$$$*** shit, what do you mean” screamed Deepak
“Simple. You had a good plan of separating the brothers. Then, you thought of using Sachin as a means to eliminate your rivals financially. However, we changed the plan by adding few more prominent people to that list and transferred all the money to your personal account” said Raj
“How did you come to know of the plan” asked Deepak. He was half angry and half frightened by the consequences.
“Oh, that was simple! You made Sachin’s boss hire that lady without any new requirement in Sachin’s team. That was the red flat. We did some background verification and found that the lady had no past records in any company. That was the major flaw. Our MNC always does a background check on all employees before hiring them. If she managed to get hired without background check, she has super contacts and wrong reason to be here without any requirement. Moreover, the lady made the classic mistake of befriending Sachin and asking for dinner date in the very first week. From then onwards, we just kept on playing to your plan. Sachin Tendulkar always does some improvisation just before hitting any ball. Similarly, my brother Sachin improvised your plan to screw you” explained Raj.
“You ###, I will kill..” Deepak wanted to scream but Raj had disconnected the call after his last sentence.

The VIPs ensured that Deepak spends rest of his life in jail.

Sachin was made CEO of the company due to sudden arrest of Deepak. Life was coming full circle for Deepak.

Moral of the story: Write a long story, break it into parts and you get 3 posts :)


  1. Lovely. Keep writing such stories.

    It was a long overdue on you.



    1. Thank you Ashal bhai for the encouragement :)