Monday, June 22, 2015

Revenge - Part 1

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any living or dead.

Deepak Thakur is the most successful man in the city. He has Textile Company and a cable TV network. However, he also has stakes in other small companies floated around the city. Many of them shut down while Deepak continues to form new ones. Rumors are that Deepak is the real owner of all these small companies but legally he is just another stake holder.

While most people respect him for the charity that he is doing around, few of them loathe him for the bad work he has done all these years. The aam junta just knows of what he wants to reveal. Just like paid reviews, there are paid articles on him. These articles focus on his charity and social work.

Sachin and Raj are into software MNC. They are at mid-management level in the same company. They are reclusive, curt and do not roam around with anybody. Both of them are good at their work and hence nobody bothers about them. As long as the client is happy, their boss too is least bothered about their social behavior.

From last 8 years, both of them reach office at 9 am sharp in a modest hatchback car. They immediately start their work. Take a 30 minutes lunch break together. Wind up the tasks and leave the office by 6 pm. While most of their colleagues are angry with them for being anti-social, many envy of them for leaving office by 6 pm, daily, in IT industry. Very few people in their office were even aware about their residential location.

Deepak Thakur has been a busy man from last decade or so. He started his career 20 years back in a modest company. He quickly rose to VP level with his good communication skills and networking. Their company manufactured cloth for the military and masses. After sudden death of their CEO, Deepak was promoted to the CEO level and took the company to new heights. The ex-CEO was a good man with ethical working strategy. However, with this death, ethics were packed in the bag and drowned in the midst of sea. The company bribed, killed and tortured people for new contracts. The ex-CEO loyalist had to change sides, die or disappear. Off-course, neither of the killings were investigated or termed as murders. All were tagged as either ‘accidents’ or ‘natural death’. Even the ex-CEO’s death was tagged as suicide.

He started many new companies under fake names. However, each of them had to be closed for some or the other reason. Few of them became loss making machine, money suddenly disappeared from banks, few got embroiled in legal tangles, few fought with union problems, some of the genuine ideas were stolen by rivals, few of them died due to manpower shortage.

Initially, Deepak thought that all these things were part and parcel of business. Also, since money was coming from textile and cable TV network, he could continue to start new companies or pour money in existing loss making companies. However, the CAs and other finance guys started giving signals that his cycle won’t last long, if nothing has been done.
Deepak started another company under his watchful eyes. It created gold ornaments and supplied it to the local jeweler shops in the city. In-spite of taking all the due care, it got into legal trouble due to some rogue money transaction. The company employees claimed that they never did this transaction. However, the police had proofs and the company had to shut down.

This started making Deepak think if somebody was behind all his mis-adventure. After 2 years of careful investigation by private detectives and another company down the drain, Deepak could understand what was happening. His last 8 years of busy life was wasted in just starting and closing companies. In the process, he lost millions. All these companies were systematically chased and shut down by somebody via hacking and then legal procedures. After another year of investigation by the detectives, it was established that all these things were done to take revenge of killing of the ex-CEO of his company.

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