Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Revenge - Part 2

The ex-CEO had 2 sons named Sachin and Raj. They were college toppers and sports champion. Sachin did his engineering in India and went abroad to study ethical hacking. Raj did his M.Comm and completed Company Sectarian degree. During their last year of respectful PG courses, their father was killed by Deepak. The whole killing episode was witnessed by their mother. However, she kept quiet fearing similar fate for her children. She told them all the truth on completion of their courses.

Initially, both of them went into shock and disbelief. After few months the grief died and feeling of revenge was born. However, the grief killed their mother in the mean time.

Both of them decided to take revenge systematically and without getting caught into legal troubles. Both of them hid their PG courses and secured job in IT MNC.

They established themselves as anti-social to get home by 7 pm daily. Then, they worked till 2am in the morning on planning to get Deepak to his end. They hired few more people and started their ‘part time’ work. Most of the time, they simply hacked into the company accounts and transferred loads of money into their own account via a third party international accounts. Since, most of the transactions were either black or illegal; Deepak could not report this to police. While some other time, they made the company get into legal trouble with the help of their team. They bribed people to do wrong things on company behalf, they bribed unions to ensure that staff does not work in these companies.

They were multi-millionaire by now. The modest looking hatchback was bullet proof car. Their shanty looking house was quite luxurious from inside. The house was guarded 24*7 by armed men. People staying around were curious why such a shanty was guarded heavily.

Deepak eventually found out everything about them and their security arrangements. It was nearly impossible to penetrate the security and kill them in their house. Their car was bullet proof and could not be bombed. Killing somebody inside a MNC is almost again next to impossible. Deepak wanted time to think. He stopped forming new companies and decided to come up with a plan to counter Sachin and Raj.

Here, Sachin and Raj too were left nothing to do after office hours as Deepak had stopped starting new companies. The existing textile and cable TV was too huge and risky to touch. Big politicians and dons were stake holders in these companies. That would be too big fish to swallow. Also, killing Deepak was not an easy job and it was not their way of taking revenge. Everything stood stand still.

Sachin and Raj started staying back in office after 6 pm as they had nothing to do after getting home. Everybody was bit surprised by them. As days passed, everybody found out that they had a good sense of humor too. Months passed and each party waited for other to make a move.

In the mean time, company hired a new lady executive in Sachin’s team. She was charming, elegant, neatly dressed and intelligent. In the first week, she befriended Sachin and asked for dinner together. The next Saturday, they both went to the city’s finest hotel for a dinner. Raj was surprised by Sachin’s behavior and reminded him of their goal. Sachin quickly dismissed that dinner as normal dinner and said that he was completely committed to the final goal.

Sachin kept on going with the lady on dinner, almost every day. Weekends too. The girl was funny and loving. She was intelligent and smart. Sachin liked all her qualities.

Here, Deepak started another company and was successful in it since both the brothers were not at work. Raj alone could not work as efficiently as they both were. Plus, Sachin was the hacker and he was not available. Sachin’s heart was hacked. This frustrated Raj and he confronted Sachin on this. A major fight broke out between them. Next day, Sachin bought brand new car for himself. Although, the car was bullet proof as earlier, this car was jazzy and had modern looks. Clearly, he wanted to impress someone.

It was first time that they were travelling separately. The lady was very happy with the new car. They celebrated that night at her house. Sachin left her house at around 4am and returned home. Raj could not sleep. He was waiting for Sachin. On seeing him drunk at around 4 in the morning, Raj got angry and demanded answers from Sachin. Drunken Sachin slapped Raj and left his home. He packed all his baggage and went to the lady’s house. 

To be continued ..

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