Saturday, September 19, 2015

16 irritating habits

Just the other day, my friend and myself decided to observe people around us for fun. We decided to focus on the most common irritating habits of the people around. Here is the list:

Photo Credit: Flickr - peopleabba2012

  1. People frequently wipe their touch screen phones on their shirts. This was after every 5 minutes or so. And ... the last call or message that they received was some 2 hours ago. Still they keep on wiping and chamkofying their cell phones.
  2. Constantly pulling the Facebook application screen down to check if there are any updates.
  3. Some of them were having a gap of around a decade of doing any body part movement which can remotely be called as exercise. Still they move their head in all direction and make the noise from neck bone.
  4. Making 'pachak pachak' sound while eating.
  5. Making 'furrr furrr' sound while drinking tea.
  6. Dipping bourbon biscuits in tea (I am guilty on this).
  7. Cleaning teeth with index finger (after lunch) and not washing hands.
  8. Talking loudly on phone in hospital.
  9. Picking their nose and rubbing it under the local train seat.
  10. Asking for newspaper from fellow travelers and then sneezing inside that newspaper.
  11. Shouting at a child and asking him to stop shouting.
  12. Using commode, coming out of toilet and walking straight towards cubicle or desk without washing hands. I swear, I have seen this.
  13. Using toilet tissues (located on a roll near commode) to wipe off the face.
  14. Picking nose and then doing a hand shake with others. (Vomiting on such people should be declared legal with Rs. 1000 as bonus gift).
  15. Using kitchen scissor to cut mustache.
  16. Continuously shouting 'hello hello' on phone without even listening to what other person is saying.

Readers, do you have noticed any such irritating habit? If yes, add it in the comment section

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