Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Can Money buy happiness (ME)

Everybody is interested to know the answer to this question. Whatever they think inside their minds (or hearts), on the face, they always say - No, money cannot buy happiness.

The first line that comes to my mind on this subject is: “People who say that money cannot buy happiness, does not know where to shop”. I had come across this line on a T-shirt.  So can money buy happiness?

To answer this question, we must dig into our own happiness. Happiness differs from person to person. Dr. Amte received satisfaction and happiness by working for the poor people in tribal areas. However, to stay in tribal areas, buy food and medicines, you would need sufficient amount of money before taking the jump. At least, you should be sure that there is some amount of income coming in. For some, happiness comes from seeing their increasing bank balance. 

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  1. money cannot buy happiness..
    it can damn well buy everything in this world that can make me happy -- a filthy rich fellow

  2. Money con not buy happiness but before thinking on this, please be sure to have enough money in your own bank account.



  3. One definitely needs money to meet goals and that is definitely required. But with less money also one can be happy by helping others , pursuing your hobbies etc etc. But at the end we all slog for MONEY..