Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to motivate yourself

To understand how to motivate yourself, we must first know why do we need constant motivation.

Motivation is like food, you need it on regular basis. Reading motivational quotes in the morning is junk. It will not help you. To understand motivation, we must first go into the root cause of the 'need for the motivation'. After that we will see what are the simple yet effective techniques for motivation (and reading motivational quotes is definitely not in the list).

Motivation is required in below cases:
  • Extreme boredom
  • Depression
  • Inferiority complex

Extreme boredom can come from daily routine activity without any change. Example: Doing a monotonous job for an extended period of time like 8-10 years. If in this duration, you do not take suitable breaks and recreational activities, you are bound to feel extreme boredom. Travel and hobbies should be inculcated. Hobbies stimulates and refreshes your mind. Travel creates new outlook towards life and fellow humans. Read why you should not post pone your travel for the sake of money here. During the travel, you tend to meet various people. They make you think, "wow! this is a great way of living life". Read one such story here.

Next is depression. Most of the time, unattended or ignored boredom gets bigger and bigger. Such bigger form is then called as depression. Extreme boredom will make you feel disconnected from the world. You tend to talk less with others (symptoms). First and fore most symptom of the depression is mood swings. One moment you are delirious with joy while after some time you are smacked down by negative feelings. The other symptom is related to food habits. Depressed person tends to overeat (especially cakes and pastries or chocolates) or completely avoid food. The best thing for any depressed person to do is talk. Talk to mother, wife, sister, husband, brother, father or even a caring friend. Psychiatrist is even better. Consult him. He will make you talk. He will give some medicines. He will suggest some motivational activities like going for a early morning walk, joining a laughing club, playing with toddlers, etc. Outdoor activities like swimming or going to gym are known to release anti-depressing agents in our body.

Next is inferiority complex. The root cause  of inferiority complex is comparison. Moderate comparison can act as motivating factor itself. However, it is a thin line and you would not know when you would cross that line. Hence, avoid comparison. A wise man (forgot his name) has said, "Comparison is the thief of joy". Similarly, do not compare your child with others. Every child has something unique in him. Do not constantly compare yourself with your peers. If your friend has bought a brand new car, there is no reason for you to be jealous. On the contrary, check if has it on EMI. If yes, guide him about debt trap. This happy feeling of guiding somebody would make your day. You would also strengthen your friendship with him/her.

Photo Credit: Flickr - DVIDSHUB

Some common motivational activities:
  • Go for an early morning walk.
  • Play with pets.
  • Develop an in-expensive hobby like reading books, singing or playing chess or something. Do not go for photography. The lens will cost you a bomb. That again can push you in depression (in near future).
  • Join clubs like cycling or laughing club.
  • Go for swimming.
  • Join a NGO and help the society.
  • If you are good at finance or technology, guide youngsters around.
  • Help kids around your house with their homework and daily studies.
  • Go for travelling or picnics. Do not choose exotic resorts or 5* hotels. Moderate 3* would suffice. Make inquiries about natural beauties around like hills or lakes for visits.
  • Try educating one illiterate person without any expectations. Extremely demanding activity but equally satisfying.
  • Learn a new language. It can be a good fun and who knows, you could be having that extra bit and can master several languages in due course of time.

Pick anyone and start. You need not stick with one throughout and that is the reason of avoiding expensive hobbies straight away. Example: if you are planning to learn keyboard (another version of piano), do not jump and buy Roland keyboard right at the beginning. Learn for around 2 years. If you are becoming good at it AND you have extra money then surely you can buy Roland or Casio. Music is best form of devotion, motivation and of course entertainment.


  1. Indeed superb writing Viren ....... Yes Music has all abilities to motivate a human mind ( either listening to it or practising vocal, instrumental)

  2. Thank you Kaustubh for your kind words :)

  3. Boredom, what's that? Follow your passion and you ll not feel bore.



  4. True, Ashal. However, how many of us know our real passion.
    We study something else (in college) and pursue career in some other field - common problem. I have many friends who have compromised on their musical passion for studies or job. Sad, true.