Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Writing blogs for fun

Some of my friends ask me why I do not write only on financial topics. Why do I write on other creepy topics like Irritating habits or something like that.

The reason is quite obvious. There are 2 reasons why I am not a personal finance blogger or finance blogger.

  • The main reason is I do not have personal finance topics to write on daily or weekly basis. It requires tremendous amount of efforts to continuously write about money. I think, every small bit of personal finance is already shared on the internet. Only Subra can create daily articles. He is an active investor, lecturer and has contacts at the highest level in financial circles. This enables him to have a daily conversation with people on money matters. Besides, he typically has this personality. Everybody who has met him will vouch that he has a charisma all over. Internally, we get feeling that even if he listens to our problem, that problem would be solved. Ashal is the next person who can write articles on hourly basis. He interacts with thousands and thousands of people on daily basis. Even after consulting a paid Financial Planner, people go and take his advice. Ashal has this aura where we feel that if he says that the plan is good, it MUST be good (of course, rightly so). Then there is this calculator king aka Pattu. He creates so many excel sheets and calculators that he can practically write on daily basis. The main thing to note is these guys write only when they feel that they are adding some value to their reader's life. Nobody writes for the sake of it. I assume that the only reason Ashal does not blog any more because his FB group gives little time for himself.

  • The other reason that I write 'those' kind of stories because I like it. I like to imagine stories, create characters, make them villain, make them hero and so on. 

Photo Credit: Flickr - Damian Gadal

Other questions that are popped up many times are how much money I make by blogging. The honest answer is - I have not got a single rupee out of blogging yet. The questions are obvious because of the adds appearing on the site. However, to make some income out of adds, it is important to have large traffic. This traffic would be there only if I write 3-4 times a week or if I write exceptional articles which people will read over and over again. Getting permission from google-adds was just another challenge which I wanted to pursue. Of course, I can set next challenge as generating income out of blogging. However, as I mentioned earlier, for that I have to write often. Alternatively, we can write about most searched products and generate traffic. Those searched products are pradhan mantri yojnas kind of stuff. Honestly, I have never read a single article on pradhan mantri yojnas and hence cannot write anything about it.

So essentially, currently I am just blogging for fun.