Monday, November 9, 2015

Things to be done before marriage

Marriage is an important milestone in everybody's life. It is a sacred institution where both husband and wife are bound by certain invisible and unwritten rules towards each other. After marriage, husband or wife should necessarily consult each other before taking any major decision. Be it financial matters or household related matters, the onus is on both the parties to come to a mutually acceptable solution and then implement it.

This brings us to the very important point of what all things should be done before marriage. These things are not at all related to marriage. On the contrary, these things are to be done before getting committed towards each other.

Photo Credit: Flickr - Christian

Below are few of those things that needs to be looked upon before marriage:
  • Get in shape - health wise and financially too. Check that you have no or as little debt as possible. Nobody wants to get embarrassed by telling about your debts to your life partner on your marriage night. Getting into debt can be completely owing to circumstantial. However, efforts are completely optional and in your hands. It is best to start your marriage on a clean slate.
  • Either stop all your bad habits or reveal them to your 'would-be' much before your marriage date. Coming clean on your habits is very essential.
  • As Subra has advised already, everybody should create a healthy corpus reserved just for themselves. Although, Subra has advised this for young girls, I would suggest everybody to do the same thing. Why limit it to girls. This fund is to be spent on yourself only.
  • If you are travel buff, travel as much as possible. There is no guarantee in this world that your spouse may have or develop similar hobby (why should anybody change their hobby)
  • Complete your higher studies before your marriage. Your spouse may not be inclined towards your higher studies. Worse, your financial situation may not allow you to pursue your education
  • Let your friends know before hand that your availability will change post your marriage. This will avoid any misunderstanding
  • It is time to realize that marriage brings in loads of responsibilities. Both, husband and wife will try to find emotional support in each other
  • From girl's financial point of view, it is very important that they clearly tell their hubby about their intent to give some part of her salary to her parents
  • Boys can very well think of buying some fancy bike or something for themselves before marriage. Post marriage, you will think from different angle and in all probability try to kill your liking or passion
  • Try not to blow away all your money on your wants and needs. If the couple decides to buy new house, then there is huge upfront investment
  • Keep your ego in check. This will save you from lot of confronting situations. Understanding that neither you nor your spouse is perfect in all aspects will make you considerate of each other 


  1. Marriages are made in heaven but the house where the married couple live in can be converted into heaven with mutual understanding for each other.