Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What is the meaning of Insinuation

Pattu creates wonderful excel based calculators. These calculators are regularly used by DIY (Do It Yourself) investors and IFAs (Independent Financial Advisor). All these tools are free to use and it does not contain any copyrights or locked code. An end user is free to use it as his own or do some modifications over that sheet.

Pattu uses his mathematical and financial brilliance to create these tools. All these tools are listed on his blog and available for download.

What is the last thing that he would be expecting from end users -- Yes, insinuation.

Dictionary meaning of insinuation is "an unpleasant hint or suggestion of something bad"

Go and have a look at his website. Almost all the users are requesting this or that feature to be added in his calculators. Pattu always obliges everyone and does modification to his sheets. However, some people simply write in such a language that sounds like they are either ordering him to do the modifications or simply asking him to 'correct' his mistakes. That is obviously not appreciable. When he is giving away all his material free of cost, we can at least first applaud/appreciate his work and then be polite and ask for the modification.

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