Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bags made from an old shirt - DIY

Few days back, I realised that I had not used one of my shirt for a long time. When I did try to wear it, I found that it had shrunk (no, I have not become fat :P).

I was comtemplating to give it away. Just for fun, I searched "reuse of old shirts" on youtube. Boy! The DIY list for reusing the old shirts is amazing. I tried one of it and the results are fantastic.

Below are steps to follow:

Take your old shirt and cut it as shown in the below picture.

If you have a sewing machine at home, sew it yourself (true DIY). Since, we are planning to use it as a bag, do not attempt to stitch it by hand. It doesn not lasts long. I gave it to a tailor and asked him to stitch the corners and the bottom of the shirt. 

See the below pictures.

And now, the bag is deployed on duty. It is much more reliable than the normal plastic bags and it cost me only Rs. 10 (for tailor). You can easily fold it and keep in the boot of your bike or scooty.

I did similar stuff with my other tshirt with similar results. Try it and see yourself.

Bonus - you not only save money on bags, you also reuse the shirt effectively and there by reduce the consumption of additional cloth/plastic.


  1. That's true DIY and environment friendly too.



    1. Thank you Ashal bhai. Yes, it minimises the plastic usage.