Read Me First

As the name of the blog suggests, I am no special. I belong to the regular set of youngsters who were born in 80s, graduated in 200X and joined an IT company.

To be precise I am working in testing department of my company.

In my schooling days, I always stood 8th or 10th from the strength of 40 students. Hence, my school mates neither hated me nor loved me. I was happy with my limited set of friends and we enjoyed a lot sitting on back benches and chit chatting. I loved Algebra and Geometry, for which the credit goes to my teacher (single person taught algebra and geometry). The only game that I played during my school days was video game. In the evening, I used to sit on my building compound with my school mate (who incidentally stayed in my building) after the school and we use to talk a lot. We went on to become very good friends. Although we studied in different colleges, we always met in the late evening and use to roam around our town.

My SSC marks ensured that I neither went to VJTI nor any C grade college.
In my college, I met extremely talented and large hearted people (exceptions were there and in large number). Few of us (7 to be precise), went on to form a group (not a gang). These 6 people are like my extended family.
I have strong bonding with laziness and hence my favorite activity is sleeping. However, one can sleep peacefully only if he has enough knowledge and money. My love for knowledge and money makes sure I read wonderful blogs, sites and newspapers. Few blogs also taught me how to ignore noise and hype on media. Over the period of time I learnt many things which were not there in our textbooks.

I have substantial amount of home loan which I am repaying like everyone of my age. Now that I am in home loan debt, I have no plans to get out of it soon. I will let this home loan run and side by side I am planning my other investments and savings.
Although this is my story, one can replace my name with his and the story would still hold true. Hence, the name of the blog ‘I am no special’. With this blog, I would like to express what a common man thinks and wants.

If you want to know what common man thinks about travel, picnics, personal finance, education, luxuries and other regular stuff, do visit this blog regularly.

Disclaimer: All the articles are intended for positive environment creation in our lives (including me). Do not get offended by any of them. If any of the story/name matches with yours, consider it as pure co-incidence. Some of the ideas obviously, come from the reading that I do. As far as possible, I try to recollect and give the due credits. Always remember: all this is work of fiction and not related to any living or dead.