Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Investor - Part 2

What should a new investor do or buy?

Some time back, I wrote an article for things to be done by a new investor. After loads of feedback and suggestions, here is the improved avatar. People asked me to define each activity with respect to time and suggest few names of the products.  This is little difficult to achieve because an expert can do that in say 20 mins while I may take 2 days to shortlist any product. The time factor depends upon the maturity factor and the psychology of the person in question. However, people complain that since there were no examples and no time frame attached, things were deferred and were not done at all. So here, I have tried to attach the time frame and names of few products. I would strongly urge all to first do the analysis and then compare your product with the listed one. Do not (repeat) go by the product name. What suits me will not/may not suit you. Regarding time frame – do not beat yourself black and blue if you fail to take action in the mentioned time. The aim is to start the things sooner. We are not in a race with our friends or media or market. We just need to achieve our goals in life. To hell with Joneses.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Investments and Risk (ME)

Every new investor is excited about his investment ventures. In almost all of the cases, he is completely unaware of the risks associated with his investments. The general concept is that the risk is present only if you are putting your money in the market. The people who utter these words do not know what is meant by the word ‘market’.

People do not believe that ‘market’ has debt products whose associated risk is almost equal or less than the ‘fixed deposit products’ or endowment plans. Not knowing the risk is the risk. This article highlights the discussion that happened between my friend and me on the ‘investment and risks’.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The unassuming couple

In my last post titled – “Sacrificing today for a better tomorrow”, I wrote how travelling helps us to meet new people, know their culture and appreciate the true beauty.

On my trip to Udaipur, I met this simple living couple about whom this article is all written. The couple belonged to middle age group – in their late 40s.