Monday, November 30, 2015

Home made Chilli Cheese Sandwich without toaster

Till yesterday, I had never been in kitchen for preparing any food item. Nothing to boast about. However, the fact remains that I was never tempted to prepare any food item. My mom and wife does a brilliant job at that and I had no reason to disturb the ritual.

Yesterday,  I woke up around 8 am and felt like eating cheese sandwich. Somehow, I also wanted to prepare it and then eat it. Yesterday, my mom and my wife realised that miracles still happen. 

Below is the recipe that I followed (quick call to my friend helped). It is ridiculously simple and very effective:
  1. Keep all the below ingredients ready on working platform:
    • Slice bread (brown, if you follow advertisements)
    • Butter
    • Chutney (this was earlier prepared by my mom. If not available, grind some green chillies along with salt and mint (or coriander) 
    • Shimla mirchi (capsicum)
    • Onion
    • Cheese slices

Thursday, November 19, 2015

What is the minimum balance required for HDFC savings account

I changed my job recently. My salary account at my previous company was with HDFC bank. Since, my EMI deduction happens from this account, I have only 2 options:

  • Maintain the HDFC account and pump in the EMI amount from other bank account
  • Give a mandate to SBI (from which the loan has been taken) to change the bank from which the EMI has to be deducted. The bank then will give you 3 forms (of different colours). You have to fill all the three forms and take it to the bank from which you want to deduct the EMI. The new bank will stamp on all the three forms. One will be kept by the new bank, one I have to submit it at SBI and other is for my reference. Only when these things are done, one should close the existing account from which the EMI is getting deducted (currently). On a safer side, watch two months if all the transactions are taking place as intended. Then close the account.
At this junction, I have chosen the easiest way :-)

However, you cannot simply deposit EMI amount and forget about it. HDFC bank has some mandate if you account is not salary account. In which case, you have to maintain a certain monthly balance with the bank. (Note: Somebody told me that after 3 successive months of not receiving the salary, HDFC will convert your salary account into savings account).

Now, along with EMI deposit (well before the EMI due date), I also have to maintain certain balance in the bank account.

For HDFC bank,
  • For regular savings account in urban area: min - 10,000
  • For regular savings account in rural area: min - 5,000
Of course, if you are reading this article, you reside in urban area and will have to keep 10k as minimum balance.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What is the meaning of Insinuation

Pattu creates wonderful excel based calculators. These calculators are regularly used by DIY (Do It Yourself) investors and IFAs (Independent Financial Advisor). All these tools are free to use and it does not contain any copyrights or locked code. An end user is free to use it as his own or do some modifications over that sheet.

Pattu uses his mathematical and financial brilliance to create these tools. All these tools are listed on his blog and available for download.

What is the last thing that he would be expecting from end users -- Yes, insinuation.

Dictionary meaning of insinuation is "an unpleasant hint or suggestion of something bad"

Go and have a look at his website. Almost all the users are requesting this or that feature to be added in his calculators. Pattu always obliges everyone and does modification to his sheets. However, some people simply write in such a language that sounds like they are either ordering him to do the modifications or simply asking him to 'correct' his mistakes. That is obviously not appreciable. When he is giving away all his material free of cost, we can at least first applaud/appreciate his work and then be polite and ask for the modification.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Social Economics

There is a wonderful post on Ashal's blog on Social Economics. Although, the example is of Obama-care, it resonates with India (perfectly).

Photo Credit: Flickr - RBerteig

How always people seems to claim that taking from rich and giving to poor is the best form of economics. Rich are always portrayed as evil.

Read here to see if this conception is true or false

Monday, November 9, 2015

Things to be done before marriage

Marriage is an important milestone in everybody's life. It is a sacred institution where both husband and wife are bound by certain invisible and unwritten rules towards each other. After marriage, husband or wife should necessarily consult each other before taking any major decision. Be it financial matters or household related matters, the onus is on both the parties to come to a mutually acceptable solution and then implement it.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) myths (ME)

Most people have an extreme view on SIP. Some consider it as a heavenly safe ‘instrument’ while some consider it as a volcano. Rarely people have moderate views on it.
Now, what does the above sentence really mean? Very few people would have noticed the singe inverted comma around the word instrument in above line. Those who have understood the reason behind this comma can close the browser and read something else. Rest can continue reading further.

First, let us be clear that SIP is not an instrument. It is only a method of investment. Technical guys – This is similar to the statement: Agile is not a technology, it is simply a methodology.
For those who simply parrot the word SIP, here is the long form: Systematic Investment Plan. Did you notice that there is absolutely no mention of ‘investment in what’? This re-enforces that this is just a methodology of investment and not an actual investment.+
Let us take a simple example.....

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